Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Searching for Truth

It's something we all do. None of us survive past about 2 years old without searching for the truth. Otherwise we would all die in some silly way like sticking our heads in a pail of water and drowning like many unsupervised children do each year.

Whether we realize it or not an adult who has searched and found enough truth guides us to adulthood. Without someone who has found enough truth no one ever grows up in the world the way it is now.

So as we mature into adulthood, this search for truth not only is about our own survival but it becomes more and more about the survival of our friends, our loved ones and even about the survival of the whole human race on earth and beyond.

So as a maturing or mature adult cultivating an attitude of becoming a full time or part time truth seeker might be the single most useful thing that one can do. As one discovers new truths, sharing these insights might personally, or online might be the single most important thing you can do ongoing in this lifetime.

Most of us have to work at various jobs throughout our lives. But this does not stop us in any way in our quest for truth. It is not necessary to stop searching where our parents or relatives did. If we are brave enough(and it is very necessary to be brave and internally strong to become a life long truth seeker) we seek the truth our whole lives and then share along the way with anyone interested what we have found.

Being a truth seeker might mean for you finding the cure for cancer. It might mean inventing a rocket engine or other device to quickly travel to other planets. It might mean becoming fully enlightened and helping all or some beings to be happy in their hearts no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. It might mean becoming a microbanker to help people in third world nations starts small businesses to give their families a better life. It might mean all these things or more.

Last night I had a dream and in this dream I was at a gathering of wealthy people at a meeting at an estate with Brad Pitt who was trying to inspire people to help starving people in various countries. I was surprised in the dream at his sincerity and amazed how well thought out this meeting was in moving people to become more beneficent that were wealthy.

Even in our dreams we can be searching for truth and even finding it there. We appear to be entering times that could become as serious as the Great Depression on earth. Each of us who is capable of it worldwide are needed to assure as many people as possible survive this present economic calamity on earth. Instead of billions starving to death if enough of us are searching for truth and helping in whatever ways we can then maybe only millions will starve to death. It is up to each of us to create a future in which as many as possible can stand to live in.

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