Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Picture of Octopus with Jar

The above address should bring up the 9 month old female octopus holding her favorite snacks in a glass jar that she can open.

I wrote a piece that you might consider to be science fiction several years ago about this particular breed of Octopi. The short story covers several million years into the past and thousands of years into the future. It starts with Monterey Bay Aquarium and moves forward as octopi in succeeding generations are trained by using food as a teaching tool to use tools and to eventually work with underwater robots on this planet and on other water planets we colonize in the future.

This experience began in 1989 when I was taking a bath in a hotel in Kahului, Hawaii when I lived in Hana, Maui, Hawaii then. I experienced a time traveling 10 foot tall (from the tip of the tenticles to the top of the head evolution of the same type of Northern Pacific Octopus that had evolved for possibly 100,000 years on another water planet we had colonized and had become a time traveling space faring species. I was amazed at the idea of an evolved octopus as an intelligent species that started its evolution similar to the ways that humans interrelate with dolphins. Unlike dolphins octopi can be trained with food to open jars and eventually they will teach their young in order for them to get the food too and a social system might evolve as well. Though it starts with jars their tenticles can be trained like chimps and apes to do all sorts of things since an octopus, even though it isn't a mammal is very intelligent. In fact, they have been studied in the northern Pacific as Shark Killers. Since Octopi don't like sharks, the larger ones have been filmed lying in wait for under 5 foot long sharks and then jumping the sharks and by fouling the sharks gills, smothering them to death. This has been filmed multiple times now in the northern Pacific Ocean. It might be the kind of relationship that some whales have with giant squid as some whales have been found with injuries from the giant suction cups of giant squid on them over the years.

The following is my short story about Flame and his son and wife.

Though my original experience happened in 1989 when I lived in Hana, Maui, Hawaii in a hotel in Kahului, Maui in a bath tub, I had further communications with the Ten foot tall (tip of tentacle to top of head) being I call Flame. Over time he told me that I am an incarnation of his soul which was why he visited me. After he retired and separated from the Galactic Time Guard he said that he began visiting other incarnations of his soul since he wasn't asked to return his time and space traveling vehicle. This became his pastime of meeting his other incarnations both evolved Octopi, human and others.

I think this might have been the inspiration for the Octopi "Thermians" in the movie Galaxy Quest. However, ultimately it is hard to say.

Oh, by the way. Flame didn't speak with words. He used what he referred to as what is known as the secular name for the Galactic Language, "No Walls No Secrets" or what you and I would call telepathy. It is the basic language of all creatures on earth except social humans though I have met many country people whose primary language is also "No Walls No Secrets" as well while traveling here all over the earth.

Oh, by the way if you want to see a youtube video of a Northern Pacific Octopus killing a shark watch this:

or go to youtube and type:
Shark vs Octopus
Octopus killing sharks

I first heard about this on a Ferry from Vancouver, Canada on my way towards Victoria out on Vancouver Island from a tour guide talking about local octopi in the area one summer ago.Oh, by the way if you go to Vancouver they have a great aquarium with white beluga whales on display there. Amazing white Whales!

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