Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friends Giving Friends Loans

Before the Scottish Knights Templar began loaning money in more formal ways which eventually become the cornerstone of Western Banking throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada and North and South America friends loaned friends and relatives money to start businesses and to buy land etc.

Looking at the present worldwide banking meltdown it seems to me that people who save money should wisely loan money if they feel safe enough to do that to their friends and relatives once again. Obviously, depending upon who you are loaning money to it could be(especially in the case of ones own children(interest free loans). However, in the case of people you know less well, it might be important just to cover your own risk of loaning the money to charge an interest rate for the money you loan.

However, since I am presently talking about loaning money to other people as a patriotic Citizen of Earth who is trying to prevent mass deaths from starvation by loaning money strategically, loaning with as little interest as possible as in microbanking all the way up to millions for starting or enlarging businesses I believe is a very good idea at present when the worldwide formal banking system is literally on the verge of complete collapse. Some people will have to fill the void of the collapse (or reorganization) of Global banking systems.

Networks of people around the world interested in doing this should get together to keep body, mind, and the world together in these most difficult times since The Great Depression and World War II.

Even though we are watching a slow motion train wreck none of us really knows how many lives will be taken or how many livelihoods will be permanently destroyed in all this. Humans are very paradoxical. In some ways they are very strong and in other ways they are very fragile. In situations like this one never knows what is the last staw for individuals and groups around the world. Remember, people Are very strong but they are also unexpectedly fragile as well! The world needs your help now!!!

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