Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things Aren't what they Seem

I suspect that things aren't at all what they seem. I don't think I'm alone on planet earth in suspecting this either.

I had the strangest experience yesterday driving up 101 in Coastal California from Southern California to the Bay Area. On my way south I had noticed a very strange thing. A Bull was jumping and making a lot of dust on a hill. I thought to myself at the time, "Well. That was strange. Bulls don't usually do that when they are by themselves. So I went merrily on my way but left that strange thought in my head to rattle around there by itself.

However, when I was heading north I was driving through the same area and passed a tow truck, which was normal except there was no one driving the tow truck when I looked in the rear-view mirror. Then up came the strange jumping bull alone on a hill making a huge dust cloud on the way south. I had a very eerie feeling that these two strange things were related.

After thinking about these things overnight my conclusion was that likely military, corporate or future human alien technology was at work. I believe the explanation might be that the invisibility technology(things either not being there that are or appearing to be something different than they are) is in use in more countrified areas associated with military or corporate interests. What I believe might be going on is the slow reduction of the population of humans on earth. I sense that it is not about extinction but rather a thinning out of humans on earth.

I don't think the public will ever be informed about any of this. However, I now believe things are REALLY not what they seem. They used to be somewhat not like they seemed for hundreds of years. However, now I believe they are really not what they seem.

It takes me back to an experience I had years ago along Interstate 5 between Redding and Mt. Shasta California. Three things happened in succession within 3 minutes. First, a huge swarm of bees pelted my truck so I had dead bees all over my windshield. Second, there was a white government vehicle with a state license plate parked alongside the freeway. And third, there was an obvious silver flying saucer parked on top of a hill along the freeway. First, I just thought it was an airstream trailer because it was silver like that. Then I went "Oh My God! That's a UFO!"

This happened in about 1990 around the time I saw a similar or even the same UFO in the air above Mt. Shasta City at about 2000 to 3000 feet altitude above the city which would have been an actual 5500 feet above sea level because Mt. Shast is at 3500 feet above sea level. At that time the saucer was accompanied by 3 double bladed military type helicopters that were grey and unmarked. When the saucer as I watched it disappeared the three unmarked double bladed military type helicopters. After the ufo that was in formation with them stopped and they stopped with it the ufo disappeared and the three helicopters headed off toward highway 89 toward Nevada. After thinking about this incident for about 2 or 3 years I came to the conclusion that I had either witnessed a holographic generation from those helicopters or I had witnessed time travel because the saucer disappeared with no sound at all before or after the incident. However, the chopper blades were breaking the sound barrier which is what drew my attention to the incident in the first place. The cacophany of noise from the tips of 6 helicopter blades breaking the sound barrier was almost deafening.

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