Sunday, September 28, 2008

Every Life and every Death Changes everything

To make sense of what I'm saying let me begin by sharing my own life experience of this since 2001. My mother, who finally passed away last week began to show signs of senile dementia in 1999 when I took her and my daughter to Scotland, England and Europe then and met my son and his friend there. Then relatives and friends of mine started dying in 2003. First my Aunt in 2003 passed away. Then her younger sister passed away. Then I lost a childhood friend to early Alzheimer;s. Then another childhood friend died two years ago. Then in the past 4 months I've lost my father's last sister who was alive, my wife's father and while we were taking his ashes to Saint Louis, my own mother from senile dementia, while I waited for a plane at L.A. International Airport while I waited for a connecting flight to Saint Louis.

You may be lucky and only witnessing births at this time in your life. You should be grateful for that. Yesterday, Paul Newman died too and I couldn't help think what and end to a cycle this all is. As I witnessed my own mother's cremation and pushed her burning casket into the furnace and pushed the button to start the furnace I started to get clarity with all these deaths in rising progressions the last five years. Every birth changes everything and every death changes everything. Every coming and every going changes everything.
But what each of us is responsible for is what we do here between coming here and going somewhere else.

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