Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Mothership from 7000 AD

note:I think I should explain (fiction?) What this means to me is that I'm writing something that is likely true. However, what I'm writing about cannot be presently proved by modern day science or technology. An example of this would be like when the Kahuna Shamans of Hawaii first saw Captain Cook's ships. The common Hawaiian people saw them too but if they had talked about them would have been killed with a club quickly if they even spoke about the ships. So it was only for the Kahunas (Hawaiian Shamans) to even speak about the sailing ships with the white Ghosts from Europe on board. Another way for you to understand better would be if you imagined you were a cowboy who had just ridden his horse to California from Texas and it was 1870. Imagine if he arrived and saw someone riding a surfboard on the ocean. If that cowboy wrote a letter home to Texas in 1870 he might say, "I saw something really strange today. What looked like a man with blue eyes, blonde hair, and black skin(wet suit) walked on water like Jesus on some kind of I think wooden board." Back home everyone would think he was nuts. But if he saw this today you and I are used to seeing this in California, Hawaii and all over the world. So, as I write about this I'm like the cowboy writing home to his people.end note.

The mothership from 7000 AD hovered over the green belt on the California Coastal Pine and Oak forest. The ferns moved as if they too knew it had come. I first met Elohar and Ragna in 1969 when they came to tell me not to commit suicide as my life was pivotal to the survival of the human race on earth and out into the Galaxy and then Galaxies. At the time I was reaching for a reason to stay alive another minute as I had broken up with the love of my life and had been excommunicated from my church and had lost most of my closest friends since childhood likely for life. So I was searching for a way to stay alive. They said I was their son in their previous lives and they had been reborn and then had come to me from Fall 7028 from an area near the Matterhorn on what is now the Swiss-Italian Border which on their time line was the seat of world government at that time. Also, on their timeline there had been a very bad nuclear war and Russia, China, the United States, all of Europe, North and South America, Australia, Britain and most of the rest of the world was no longer habitable by genetically sound humans. So, basically unless people lived in the Alps of Europe they were genetically unsound mutants and basically berserk and crazy like animals.
One of the reasons they first came to me was to ask my help in creating a second timeline that began soon after 2000 AD in which the very serious nuclear war was prevented. You and I now live on this new timeline.

I hadn't seen them much the since Lake Tahoe a couple of years ago when the Mothership(this mothership that travels both time and space can house 500 comfortably or up to 10,000 cryogenically frozen humans at a time in an emergency.

Though there is ongoing contact between Earth Governments of the future and Earth Governments of the present back to about 1950, information about this is suppressed by the Governments through media in general. I am only allowed to write somewhat like an add placed in a newspaper for a newly opening business like a (Doing Business as) add. It is a token business notification of events demanded by Galactic Law.

So I watch the mothership hover above the forest while I watch my dogs. Elohar as usual contacts me telepathically and says, "Jonathan we're here." I say, "Hi Elohar. I haven't seen you for awhile. What's up!" Elohar says, "Well. Just like when we came one month before 9-11 in Mt. Shasta at Castle Lake and just like when we came and parked under Lake Tahoe for all the present day Government leaders of Earth to visit us, we are here today to hopefully prevent another problem. It appears that the Governments of Europe and the United States are underestimating power plays going on in both Russia and China. It is our hope that situations can be retified before millions die accidentally in a very unfortunate precedent."

I replied, "Well. I had a bad feeling about all this too. Now that you mention it I have been concerned too. It's like everyone is in a movie or something and the theater catches on fire and people can't tell if the fire is in the movie or real. It's like that."

Elohar said, "Exactly!"

"Can I come aboard, Elohar?" I say. "Yes. That is why we are here.". She said.

Instantly I found myself in the main lecture hall that seats about 500 people comfortably.

Note: The ship is completely invisible and without any sound. The same technology being developed today in 2008 here on earth has been refined seamlessly so a ship can come and no one but a Galactic Level psychic like myself can detect it because of picking up the minds of those on board.end note.

"How can I help you, Elohar?" She said, "This time I'm here to help you and Earth. Two times back we were in desperate need of your counseling because our civilization had been destroyed. You counseled us to break protocol and grab King Interlaken before he was killed and prevent the destruction of our civlization. Even though he was mad at first, he realized that the law against reawakening him if he was dead was both counterproductive and ridiculous and so that rule was permanently rescinded."

"So, what is it this time?", I said with concern building in my voice.

Elohar looked at me and said, "Synthetic reality is becoming a problem." I said, "What does that mean?" "Well. Since your civilization has never experienced this before, it is most akin to people who live alone and only read books and consider only books real in the past centuries, and who don't consider that physical reality is real."

I said, "I think I know where you're going with this but give me a little more before I try to stop you with what I think you mean."

Elohar went on, "There is a type of psychological problem that comes from believing only in what happens on a computer and not believing that anything else is real or meaningful. The full problem of this cannot be fully experienced usually by a society until it is too late for that society to recover. Imagine, for example, that it became vogue for everyone to take a certain type of poison that was lethal. And then imagine that the pain and death feedback loop was broken so that no one could really learn of this problem."

I said, "Let me stop you there. How could the feedback pain and death loop be broken? How is that possible?" Elohar went on, "Because all the leaders and most educated on earth have to become addicted to this poison in order to succeed. But here the problem is not a physical poison but a mental and psychological one. Since absolutely no one has ever seen this problem before en masse on earth among the educated portions of civilization, no civilization really has any way to understand it. The most basic way to say this is that common sense on multiple levels has been circumvented and will cause serious problems to educated people using and abusing computers and the like over the next 300 years."

"One way to look at this is survival of the fittest. However, that is very harsh, because it means that the leaders of today will spawn those who won't and can't survive in the far future. It is very unfortunate!"

I said, "So, this is sort of like AIDS, The Black Plague and stuff like that only it screws things up over hundreds of years?" Elohar said, "Unfortunately, YES!"

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