Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mad Max?

What we are actually facing is a crisis of confidence. It reminds me a lot of what happens when a marriage dissolves. Trust is a very fragile thing in a marriage and in society and in regard to the financial world. Even a rumor of mistrust can bring a financial company down if it cannot be immediately disproved.

I have watched what happens when rumors begin about a financial company. First, there are rumors and the very squemish start to sell their stocks. Then since the company has a lot less capital to work with it just makes its problems worse. Then average stockholders start to sell their stocks and then there is simply no way for that financial to recover. This is happening over and over again.

It is like a shark feeding frenzy and the sharks(wealthiest investors) gobble up the school of fish(capital) within a company in very strange ways. After the school of fish(capital within a financial company) has been mangled the sharks look for the next financial to destroy and gobble up.

The problem with this is that if the sharks keep this method up eventually there are no financials left to turn to on earth that are solvent and then the world turns into something like Mad Max beyond Thunderdome: The movie, where there are thousands to millions of physically armed sharks devouring honest families like mine and yours.

There was a saying during World War II:"Loose lips sink ships"
If things keep going like this and companies and governments and individuals keep gobbling each other up the Christian secular world and the free world for that matter is over. Just like in a bloody war each of us have to make a stand. We either stand together as the free world or we fall apart like a devoured school of fish by the sharks.

And by the way, you sharks out there. Who has your back? Think about it!

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