Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seeing Angels

I'm writing this primarily for those intuitively gifted who have actually seen angels.
It is my perspective that Angels are a scientifically provable reality. However, the present way science is structured it would be difficult to prove their existence.

However, I can't prove to scientists that I know 1000s of things all the time before they happen and change peoples lives whenever I can so they aren't injured or die in these mishaps. I can't prove these things either scientifically. But I could name at least 100 or more people who would be dead now if I hadn't known what is coming and intervened and I know thousands who would have missing limbs, heads, or broken bones if I hadn't intervened in their lives. People like myself have been keeping people alive since mankind existed on the planet. I consider Jesus and all the Saints these kinds of intuitive people and better as well.

The most likely people to see angels from a scientific point of view would be babies and small children. For example, my first experience seeing angels was Arkangel Michael and his band of angels while I was about 2 years old sometime near Christmas 1950. I was sitting on my scottish Grandmother's lap on a padded rocking chair. She sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and they appeared. The all had shoulder length hair Blonde, dark, auburn etc. They all wore different colored jeweled armor that extended from their wrists to their neck and from their bejeweled armored boots to their necks. They all looked at me and smiled like I was one of them. They were there to wish me well in my incarnation in a human body on earth. I was amazed as a two year old that they seemed to treat me as one of them and as a brother whom they would protect through my life.

Listening to my grandmother sing "Hark the Herald angels Sing" in her thick Scottish brogue I was completely amazed even at age 2. I knew this was a very important occurrence in my life even then.

As I grew older and saw Arkangel Michael the clarity of his face faded and I began seeing him as a lifesize oval of blue light. Other times angels come to me as flashes of colored light at opportune moments.

Obviously, you have to be someone who is intuitively gifted to have these experiences. Though anyone can cultivate these kinds of experiences it could be very frustrating for those who can't do it immediately. It might take for some a lifetime of prayer and meditation to reach these states of consciousness. So, for the most part I'm writing this for people who have these experiences, for people who want to have these kinds of experiences and for people who need to believe these experiences to be scientific reality in order to choose to stay alive even one more day.

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