Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be a Social Entrepreneur

The above internet address is an illustration of what a Social entrepreneur is.

Some of the most important ideas are: Find out what works and then share ideas!

Social change happens when Belief meets energy but needs blueprints.

Grameen Bank: Microcredit for poor people to start their own businesses: 42 million people worldwide.

Palmari Rosa Project: Electricity in Brazil's Rural Areas: Solar Panels+ electric fences
$15 a month(1 billion people can afford this)

Ideas need champions: Marketing and Organization are key!!

Be a Social Entrepreuneur: See vision, mobilize team, drive through adversity, think business and social mission, market and persuade people to join you!

Child Line: service provider, children as para-paramedics,adopted by India as national franchise, drives government protection policy, data tracks regional problems and patterns.

Use what is dominant in a culture to change it and to make it better: listen, share credit, think big, start small, keep going, get energy from "No"

Anyone can be a Social Entrepreneur. Find a need and fill it. Get educated. Make things work better. Get friends and relatives to help you help them and all their friends and relatives! Be innovative!

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