Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Changing Time

If you have ever been walking along a city street and had a sense of impending doom and stopped because of it only to see a cab or other vehicle drive by at high speed where you would have been if you hadn't had this sixth sense then you know what I'm talking about here.

I have taken these sixth senses and refined them into what I consider to be a science. It doesn't prevent all accidents just some. It doesn't prevent all deaths just some deaths. My two MOST strange experiences with this were when I knew if anyone drove a car that day in my family someone would die. When I told my wife about this she just said, "I've got to make a business delivery get out of my way." When I get senses of things and the feeling is vague I'm not always sure if it is actually going to happen or if I just had a bad dream or I was just having a bad day. However, when I get certain senses I know 80% to 100% that something I sense is going to happen. This day in 1985 was one of those days. Since I couldn't convince my wife and stepdaughter of my 80% to 100% sense of things I began to pray very powerfully so when my wife and stepdaughter drove away I hoped to God they would both live. Though the car was totaled my wife only had a few cracked ribs and my daughter had only a minor concussion when she hit her head on the windshield. After the accident my then 12 year old daughter ran home with a severe headache because her mother was having trouble breathing with cracked ribs.

fiction? I'm very concerned that the CERN collider in Switzerland might create mini black holes. Though I don't think it will annihilate the world it might severely damage parts of Europe. This isn't a 80% to 100% but only a 50% to 75%. This is because the right particles would have to collide in the exact right way to create mini black holes and then the mini black holes would have to interact with matter and antimatter in exactly the right ways to grow so in the end damage is possible but there is only a 50-50 chance of causing serious problems in the Swiss French area over the next 10 years. If rock started to become like putty or rubberized you would know something is wrong over the next 10 years.

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