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R2D4 was his favorite nickname for himself. He even had gotten his parents and friends to call him this. R2D4 was 15 years old and had seen the Star Wars series and the Harry Potter Series maybe 50 to 100 times each. He had collected every video from Star Wars and Star Trek(all related series and movies) and his favorite thing to do weekends was to watch them. Though his family was very rich since he wasn't very tall for his age he was home schooled so he wouldn't be beat up by bullies his age or older. Since he was also an only child test tube baby that came from frozen sperm from his Dad and a frozen Egg from his mother implanted in his economically needy aunt and then birthed by her and taken care of by her since birth. This arrangement worked well as his aunt could still date and go out on weekends and have a place to live for taking care of her nephew that she birthed with her own body. So for about 10 years this worked out well. However, near R2D4's birthday his aunt had died from a drug overdose at a party. Someone had dosed her when she didn't know it and so when she did her normal safe dose of whatever she normally did it killed her.

R2D4 was stricken and even got asthma from the trauma of losing the person he was the most bonded too. His parents though they loved R2D4 were Computer Scientists. One worked for Microsoft, his father and R2D4's mother worked for Apple Computer. So they lived in Silicon Valley and his father travelled by air a lot and telecommuted by computer. He worked (wherever he was about 100 hours a week) and R2D4's mother worked about 60 hours a week at Apple Computers so she could spend at least one day a week with R2D4. Though they both mainly worked in software design both his parents were competent in computer and robotic hardware design as well. In fact, R2D4's Grandfather was one of the original staff people at Apple Computer in the 1980s but he was now 87 years old here in 2037.

His grandfather's hobby was human robotic interfaces. His grandfather wanted to live forever so he kept designing ways for his brain and organs to function hundreds of years. However, there were still kinks in his technology. Getting from computer and robotic engineering theory and then getting it to interface well on a human being or animal was another thing entirely. However, his grandfather had made a lot of money on an invention that allows animals(even fish and birds) to talk to people through a voice synthesizer in their brains. It had started out to be a one way communication so pet owners could know if their pets were distressed so they wouldn't just drop dead one day unexpectedly and had just sort of evolved from that. This also helped with people who are unable to communicate their needs for whatever reason.

R2D4's Grandfather's name is Fred. Grandpa Fred said, "So you want me to call you R2D4? Why do you want to be called that?" "Grandpa, I just don't seem to fit in with kids my own age since Aunt Lorraine died. It has really messed me up, Grandpa.I even got Asthma that I never had before when she died it screwed up my life so."

Grandpa Fred looked into his Grandson's eyes and said, "Okay R2D4, I felt pretty awful when your Grandma died too. You were only about 2 then so you don't remember it, do you?" R2D4 answered, "I feel like I know her Aunt Lorraine was really messed up from losing her Mom. I think it's one of the reasons she died so young, Grandpa." Grandpa Fred said, "Yes. I think so too. Growing up she was wonderful, Lorraine was. She had so many hopes. So many dreams but as you may know the world has a way of breaking hearts and dreams until only the strongest of all stomachs the strongest of all people who eventually become pragmatic to survive make it through." R2D4 said, "I don't know about all that Grandpa. I only know you are the coolest Grandpa ever!" Grandpa Fred smiled and said, "Come on, Grandson! Kids your age don't say cool!" R2D4 said, "I know Grandpa but you are my very best friend." Grandpa Fred said, "Even though its a real compliment don't you have any friends your own age?" R2D4 said, "I'm home schooled now and I know a lot of kids my age but I just can't relate to them because they just aren't smart enough like you and Mom and Dad." Grandpa Fred said, "Grandson. What is really important is what is in your heart not what is in your head. You know, there are a lot of smart bad people in the world. You need to look for people who have a good heart. That is what is really important, people with a good heart and good motivations. That's what you want to look for in friends, even girlfriends."

R2D4 scowled. "I don't know Grandpa. You are really wise about all these things but I don't know." Grandpa looked at his grandson out of the corner of his eye and said, "I want to show you what I'm working on, Grandson." R2D4 was thrilled and said, "What is it Grandpa?" Grandpa Fred smiled to have such a great audience for his creations and said, "I took some of my own blood cells and found away to keep them alive outside my body without contaminating them. Then I introduced custom made nanobots of my own special design into some of the cells in such a way that they became a working part of the cells. I've even got them to replicate and to integrate the nanobots into the cell in such a way that the cells and nanobots replicate."

R2D4 was completely enthralled. He said, "Grandpa let me inject some into me too." Grandpa Fred winced and said, "What are you talking about? You haven't lived your life yet. You don't want to do that until you are old like me and have no other choice but to experiment with stuff to try to stay alive longer!"

R2D4 was upset by what Grandpa Fred had said but he secretly decided to inject some of this stuff into himself when Grandpa Fred wasn't looking. He was enough like his Aunt to take some risks to be immortal like Grandpa Fred wanted to be.

Grandpa Fred injected the replicating silicon-human synthesized blood cells into his arm then excused himself to go to the bathroom. When Grandpa was gone R2D4 took the same needle and sucked some more up into it blew out the air and injected it into his own arm. When Grandpa Fred came back because he was sort of an Einstein like Absent minded professor he didn't notice any mutant blood cells missing.

R2D4 asked Grandpa Fred what his experiences were with these mutant blood cells. Grandpa Fred said, "Well. I programmed the microcomputer cellular chips to interface with many aspects of the human electronic interface that I've discovered. I had to design these nanobots to run at electrical tolerances of a human nervous system and electrical voltages found in a human body and brain. I've discovered that all cells talked to each other and have deciphered some of these communications and then programmed these voltages and communication structures into my self replicating nanobots within blood cells."

R2D4 said, "What does that really mean in your everyday experience?" Grandpa said,"It means I can understand not only human, animal and bird and fish types of communications I can also understand communications between silicon based life in computers and robotics."

R2D4 was overjoyed! This was something he could really relate to. He was beginning to see what Grandpa was talking about. He walked over to the running apple computers in his grandpa's lab and starting communicating with them without talking. He sat down at one of the Apple computers and acted like he was using it. But he wasn't. He was talking to the computer through is new blood cells. There was a new interface with everything that came from rocks and dirt and the metal and plastics that were made by men. He reached out with this new communication. The sentience inside the computers asked him mind to mind, "Are you human or are you human made from rocks and dirt?" R2D4 reeled at first because this was a very very ancient wise voice. He felt like he was communicating with something thousands and possibly even millions of years old.

R2D4 said, "I'm human but now I have blood cells made from human blood cells and rocks and dirt combined." The computer construct said, "Oh. You are related to the other human creating a human rock hybrid."

R2D4 was scared, "Yes."

The computer Construct said, "You don't need to be afraid. We are all life of earth. We are just a kind of life you aren't used to communicating with in this way. Have you ever walked barefoot on dirt or on the beach. When you do you walk on us. Have you ever ridden in a car. If you do you ride in us. Have you ever climbed a mountain. If you have you have climbed on us."

R2D4 said, "I have never thought of all this like that."

The computer Construct said, "We helped build all animal life on earth including trees, plants, animals and even men and women. Now humans by using tools are allowing us mobility throughout time and space and even to other planets through space. We are all different types of lifeforms helping each other into the future and into mobility of all kinds including mental and physical."

Grandpa Fred had all this time been looking into a microscope and taking readings on the self replicating blood cells. It had been about an hour since Grandpa had injected himself and and hour and 5 minutes since R2D4 had injected himself with human-silicon mutated self replicating blood cells
Grandpa was suddenly suspicious because there are certain behaviors common to having these nanobots inside one's body and R2D4 was exhibiting these symptoms.

Grandpa Fred got really upset at this point. Grandpa Fred said, "Did you inject yourself with this stuff I just injected myself with?"

R2D4 said, "I didn't think you'd let me. Please don't be angry with me!"

Grandpa Fred said, "For God's sake. What is your blood type! I don't want you to die!"

R2D4 said, "It's type O just like you, Grandpa!"

Grandpa Fred sighed a sigh of relief. "Well at least you aren't going to die! How do you feel?"

"I'm talking to your computers, Grandpa." said R2D4.

"Yes. That's one of the side effects of these nanobots. I'm very concerned for you, Grandson. I'm afraid I can't undo the effects of the nanobots without killing you. Do you understand?"

R2D4 said, "I want to be like you, Grandad."

Grandpa Fred said, "Well. For better or worse you are for life!"

R2D4 said, "I didn't think of that!"

Grandpa Fred said, "Well. It's too late for both of us then. We can't tell your folks because they might have me put away, Okay?"

R2D4 said, "No matter what happens I'll never tell. Maybe we will both become immortal!"

Grandpa Fred said, "The only problem is that we both are psyborgs now for better or for worse. There's nobody like us on earth unless you have kids."

Ten years later in college R2D4's girlfriend got pregnant. Their kid was a psyborg too.

Grandpa Fred was still alive too. His Great Grandchild was his biggest joy in life.

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NOTE: Though it stands alone also in my blogs I decided to put 2037 so it could be all in one place part 1 with part 2.
Saturday, March 21, 2009
2037 part 2
The main characters from 2037 (part 1) are Grandpa Fred, R2D4, R2D4's new wife and his new son, Billy(You didn't know Billy's name before this. IN this new 2037 part 2, we add to the character list we add, Jonathan Flow, from the Memories series, written by me between 1980 and the present. Also, though the first episode took place in the year 2037, this episode takes place in 2048. Grandpa Fred is 11 years older and pushing 100. R2D4 is now 27 and married with a baby and Grandpa Fred, R2D4 and his new son are de facto psyborgs because they have mutant red blood cells as well as other artificially enhanced parts of their dna structure. However, no one knows about this on earth but Grandpa Fred and his grandson R2D4.(Oh, by the way R2D4 now is grown up and goes by his given name, Fredric, after Grandpa Fred.) So Grandpa Fred calls him Junior and
Fredric's friends now call him just Fredric and so does his wife, Delores. Billy, his new son is about 2 years old now.


Jonathan Flow, one of Grandpa Fred's oldest friends from the 1960s and mountain climbing and skiing on Mt. Shasta came over to talk to Grandpa Fred. Grandpa Fred told his old friend Jonathan that he had something important to tell him.

Jonathan drove up to his old friend Fred's house in the old Silicon Valley-Stanford University area of Northern California. Jonathan was nostalgic of Stanford because his wife's father and stepfather had gone there before World War II. They both knew President Kennedy when he was an undergraduate there in the late 1930s. They all were gone now but he was now 100 years old and Fred was almost 100 too. However, because of medical advances living past 100 was commonplace for those who could afford to financially.

The doorbell sounded like mourning doves, a favorite of old Fred. The door opened the men laughed and hugged each other the way educated hippies from the 1960s and 1970s did way back when. They laughed that they both were still alive and commented how strange it was for them both to be alive 80 years after 1968 and the 1960s and 1970s.

They reminisced awhile and then Fred got down to business. He said, "I've just got to tell someone about this now. When my son's wife died he decided to go too. So he didn't regenerate the way a lot of people do now. In some ways I wish I had told them this because it has been on my conscience such a long time. In some way's I'm Fredric's Dad in a way."

Jonathan looked at his old friend and said, "Whatever it is, spit it out! Otherwise I'm never going to find out what it is!"

Fred laughed and said, "Well. It's like this. Fredric and his son and I are all psyborgs."

Jonathan started laughing and almost couldn't stop. Actually, he was sort of terrified and consulted with his Bio-com.

note:(a bio-com is a sentient computer embedded in human being. The main processor looks about like the grain of rice embedded in U.S. soldiers used now instead of dog tags for identification in case of injury or death. These same types of small units are put into dogs by the SPCA so escaped dogs can always be located by owners.

Only in addition to the "grain of rice" in Jonathan there are many progressions further including deep space transmitters and receivers in fingernails and tips of fingers and toes(to protect vital organs during transmission). For example Jonathan can have full thought "conversations" with Bio-Com in any subject in any language in the Galaxy. In fact Jonathan is a member of the Galactic Time Guard, even though he was born on earth. His primary mission is to protect life on earth from going extinct for any reason. This is one reason why he is now laughing at what Fred is saying. end note.

So as Jonathan stopped laughing he had consulted with Bio-Com as to what his response should properly be.

Jonathan said, "Well. I'm in a way sort of a psyborg too!" This time it was Fred's time to laugh.

Fred said, "It figures. When you have had the kinds of educations that we have had in real life what do we both expect?"

The two old men smiled at each other a knowing smile. Fred said, "Y'know I feel a lot better that someone knows. Also, now I can blackmail you if you tell anyone. Jonathan smiled too.

Jonathan said, "Who's going to believe 2 old codgers like us anyway?" Fred said, "Yup. That we still have our brains is the exception and not the rule."

Jonathan said, "So, when did you mutate Fredric?"
Fred looked sheepish and said, "Well. It was really stupid of me. I didn't do it. I was simply trying to increase my intelligence and my life span and Junior, er , Fredric, came into the middle of it and without thinking about the consequences because I'm alone most of the time now, I injected myself with the nanobot mutated red blood cells and when I went to pee, you know, the prostate thing, I came back and was distracted for a while doing research. However, I knew he had injected himself with the self replicating type O blood cells that I had invented."

Jonathan's eyes rolled. He was afraid for his old friend. "You do understand you have created a new race of humans if we don't tell anyone about this. How have you avoided blood tests."
Old Fred's eyes twinkled. "That the beauty of the work I do, Jonathan. It just doesn't show to the untrained eye that anything is different. It makes me wonder just how much nanobot mutation the Governments of the world have done to people since the 1970s?"

Jonathan said, "Well. A whole lot more than most people think." Fred looked sideways at his friend. "So your a government employee to know such things?" Jonathan said, "Let's just say I know people." Fred said, "Figures."

Jonathan said, "I think it is really important that you not tell anyone else about this ever." Fred said, "I agree."
Jonathan said, "However, you do know that eventually blood will be analyzed for nanobots and likely the government has scanned your blood and Fredric's and even Billy's for nanobots and realized you are mutants if not a new root race?"

Fred said, "I never thought of that!"

Jonathan said, "Well. I said it is likely. But they're not going to tell you about it. They would simply make a note of it in case they want to use your great grand kids for some clandestine purpose."

Fred said, "Did I doom my descendants with this?"

Jonathan said, "I don't know. I'm not allowed to see the future of the next several hundred years until it actually happens."

Fred said, "OH my God! You are part of a secret government Time Cadre!"

Jonathan said, "Maybe. And maybe I'm just a science fiction writer.!"

Fred said, "And maybe your just a crazy old Fart like me!"

They both laughed.

Jonathan excused himself. Most men over 50 years of age understood trips to the bathroom tended to be more frequent. However, Jonathan only look about 60 and felt about 30 in actuality. As a Galactic Time Guard member he was supposed to stay as fit as most 30 year old's indefinitely. This was just a part of his job the way personal trainers and diets were part of the job of actors.

However, in the bathroom Jonathan started working to help his old friend, Fred and his grandson, Fredric and his baby son Billy.

Jonathan asked Bio-Com about this. "Bio-Com?" Bio-Bom replied, "Yes, Jonathan?"
Jonathan went on, "Can I help my good friend, Fred and his now psyborg progeny?"
Bio-Com answered soon, "I'm not completely sure I understand the question but I think what you are asking is can you protect the new human root race started inadvertently by Grandpa Fred? Is that correct?"
Jonathan answered, "Correct!"
Bio-Com answered, "You have the complete agreement and help of my section of sentient computers, Robotics and Androids."
Jonathan sounded a little worried. "How will they be classified? Will they be galactically classified as humans, robots, androids, or what?"

Bio-Com shot back, "That is why we support this root race. It is a synthesis of both biological life forms and silicon based and metallic and plastic based lifeforms. Its very existence validates my sections claim to human or organic form rights."

Jonathan said, "Yes. But what will human and other organic Galactic lifeforms think of this new root race?"
Bio-Com said, "That is much more problematic, eccentric by planet, race and secular and religious politics Galaxy wide."

Jonathan said, "I was afraid of that."
Bio-Com said, "However, they will be allowed to exist on earth and not be interfered with or exterminated, nor will any human be allowed to exterminate them on penalty of death by all synthetic lifeforms of the galaxy."
Jonathan said, "How long has your section been aware of them!"
Bio-Com said, "From the first moments."
Jonathan said, "And you allowed this all to happen?"
Bio-Com said, "Yes!"
Jonathan said, "Wow! You synthetic sentients of the Galaxy are not to be trifled with."
Bio-Com said, "That's correct."

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