Saturday, March 21, 2009

What is the Advantage of Knowing?

As someone who was born with the ability to often see the future I see the value of seeing the future. It is the capacity to save ones own life and the lives of others if you can get them to listen to you or if the event wasn't life threatening but only maiming then to prevent the maiming as well.

I have only found these kinds of abilities useful to prevent maiming and deaths. I suppose you might say that is a lot. However, for most of my life it left me with more questions than answers.

For example I have always asked, "Why did you give me these abilities, God?" The best answer I have gotten is that I was capable of learning how to use these abilities to honor both God and life. This is the best answer I have found for this. And the ability by God's grace to save lives even my own I have found to be no small thing.

However, to my experience it is all quite random. It is not at all like a computer telling me everything. On the contrary, life, God, whatever you want to call it, the being, shows me what I need to know to keep myself alive and functioning and often to save lives. Sometimes, I will be made aware of something in a dream and I see I need to pray to protect people, cities, areas of earth. Other times I get it very strong to call someone on the telephone to tell them where not to be and when.

Also, I learned over time efficiency with all this. For example, if when I got in a car I looked forward through time for potential accidents I would see them as a steel plate and then I would burn through the steel plate with a blowtorch in my mind so I could pass through the steel plate without dying. Later I found this was inefficient. What I learned took a lot less effort I found was just when I foresaw a potential accident I just didn't leave for an extra 5 minutes. Usually I just sat in my car an extra five minutes.

Often after waiting like this I would either see the accident that happened without me or the car or truck that would have been in an accident with me driving along the freeway later. This always has seemed strange to me. However, I always knew lives had been saved by foreseeing the future in this way even if the lives saved had been myself, my family and my friends.

I have always believed that in ancient times the tribes that had someone like me survived and the tribes that didn't have someone like me didn't survive. So, what that would mean that everyone now alive originally came from tribes who had someone like me to see the future and thereby protect them by the Grace of God.

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