Monday, March 23, 2009

The Letter to Number Code

I read last night that the movie 'Knowing' was the top box office attraction over the weekend. Then I went to sleep. In my dreams as I woke up this morning I was given a code. It is an extremely simple code that can be used in any language. The first letter of your language would be "1" and in English for example your last letter would be "26".

So, for example my name Fred would covert to "61754" or F=6, r=17,e=5,and d=4. In my dream original manuscripts for things like Shakespeare, Nostradamus, The Old Testament or new Testament could be converted in this way.

Also, I find that waking up naturally in the morning reminds me the most of the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel where God reaches out to touch man's hand. This naturally waking up and not being woken up by an alarm or because you have to get up seems to be the most profound moment one can spend with God on a daily basis.

This natural communion with God every day for me often is the basis for what I write here in my articles at my blog site and has been for at least 10 years now.

When I studied with Tibetan Lamas, monks, as well as Lamas who are living Buddhas
it taught me to be very present all the time whenever I could manage it. So, as they taught me "The Leisure to Practice" is the single most powerful mode I have ever experienced.

Those of you who have been laid off your jobs who are capable should enter into "The Leisure to Practice" in the moments you have when not yoked to a job or looking for a job.

I think you will find "The Leisure to Practice" is a way for the human race to survive all this. Without enough of us doing this I'm afraid there could be mass bloodshed worldwide. Since the karma of mass bloodshed is usually worse than mass starvation, it is something to think about.

By becoming monk like and generating prayers for mankind we all become a conduit toward God and life for all life on earth. If we don't do it who will?

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