Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Most Powerful thing one can do is BE

One of the many paradoxes of living as a being in a body somewhere in the universe in time and space is when one gets so caught in doing that they become enslaved by doing to the point they can no longer be. I call this type of enslavement, "suicidal behavior" or at the very least "self destructive behavior". This enslavement by doing leads to most aberrant behavior on earth by human beings. When beings feel forced to do things rather than choosing to do things everything tends to go wrong(just like now financially in the world).

One of the ways to understanding Being is to watch ones breath as a meditation. The Asian ancients as far back as 10,000 years ago or more saw the wisdom of this. At some point it was codified and then rediscovered by Guatama Buddha 2500 years ago.

This is how to touch your own Being. When one focuses on ones breath long enough one realizes something. We realize that our breath continues whether we consciously breathe or whether our body automatically does it for us. This takes away from us the absolute feeling of control of all our actions so common in the dog eat dog business world of today.

By realizing that you are not in control of your breath 24 hours a day. In fact, when you sleep you are not in control of your breath at all. And most people(unless they are yogic adepts) cannot control the beating of their hearts(other than by increasing the heartbeat through excercise, fear or other stimulations). When one comes to terms experientially(not just mentally) one begins to enter a new relationship with all life both in ones body and external to ones body.

Once one realizes that ones heart and breath will continue without conscious action one can more fully enter into the state which I call Being. For me, Being is consciously experiencing oneself and the entire universe as one timeless eternal experience.

If you have never gotten to this place before you might feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, have all sorts of reactions. However, I suppose it might be like seeing an ocean with waves for the first time. It is very overwhelming but very very meaningful like watching a sunrise or sunset. The most powerful thing you will ever do is to learn to BE yourself in fullness. There is no single better gift you can give yourself and all your family and friends throughout time and space than learning and accepting full Being!

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