Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Alive

I was thinking today about the Vipassana meditation rediscovered by Guatama Buddha 2500 years ago in India. So I tried it for a few moments. Then I thought of an addition especially for these trying economic times.

As you breathe in while concentrating on your breath say to yourself out loud or just in your mind, "I'm Alive!" as many times as you find useful.

The point is to rejoice that you ARE alive and not dead and as you concentrate on your breath think about all the times you were almost killed or injured and rejoice that you are still alive. This is a way to bring joy into your spirit even if it is for a few moments and to give you gratitude that your life was saved all those times.

For if you are alive and any age your life has been saved multiple times already. So concentrate on your Breath while you say to yourself "I'm Alive!" and realize how lucky you are to still be alive. Renew the feeling of joy in your life in this way. By experiencing this it brings back the joys of childhood once again. "I'm Alive!"

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