Sunday, June 18, 2017

Be Kind to all beings because over time friends become enemies and enemies become Friends

Old Tibetan Saying.

I find this is a very important life choice of being kind to everyone because otherwise, someone might kill you for being impolite to them in this day and age with everyone so angry and extreme and living on conspiracy theories. And if you have different ones than they do they just might kill you these days.

So, being polite and kind to all beings is a way to stay alive and prosperous and happy and in keeping your family alive too.

Most of what I'm about here at this site is to share the things that I find important for you and I to stay alive in this life.

Other people might have different priorities and that is their business. Everyone makes different choices. I have watched a lot of people die now since I was born in 1948. So, if you understand what it actually takes to make it to age 69 it is a lot like I have already.

You might say it is a great compromise to keep your kids alive to grow up. I might say back to you that if you raise your kids right then they are going to help keep you alive if you taught them useful things along the way like being polite and practical in all ways and to be kind to all beings.

By God's Grace

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