Saturday, June 10, 2017

How can i still survive and be as kind as possible to myself and all other beings?

First of all if you are so kind you don't even survive then what good is that?

This is the first question you have to ask yourselves.

Next, after you have survived whatever calamities that take place in your life, then you can in all practicality think about being as kind as possible and still surviving.

You owe it to yourself, your children, your friends and your family to survive anything that comes.

What happens if they lose you?

Will they self destruct directly or indirectly without you?

How important are you really to their survival no matter what they tell you.

For example, I believed sometimes people in my life because I couldn't understand people who lied to themselves all the time. I thought people were honest with me because they were honest with themselves first.

This just isn't true I have found.

So, sincerity is never enough because of this.

You can meet the sweetest most sincere people but if they are lying to themselves about anything serious in their lives, then even though they seem honest and sincere they are lying to you by first lying to themselves.

Yes. This is a very sophisticated notion but at some point in life we all have to face it in people often that we love.

Sincerity is not enough. If people are lying to themselves they naturally are going to lie to you too.

Because at core they have no truth even if they are sincere.

What is sincerity not based upon actual truth?

It is akin to slow suicide and slow homicide in themselves and all around them.

Yes. This is a very sophisticated point of view but it is often why people go to college in the first place to learn Critical Thinking so they can separate fact from fiction a little better.

If someone is lying to themselves (no matter how sincere they might be) they are also lying to you.

So, even though it sounds true it isn't because there is no basis at all in fact.

However, trying to find the truth even for oneself is often very difficult in life.

So, finding the truth (even in oneself) has to be a life long quest.

Without enough truth the people perish!

It has always been this way.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free!

By God's Grace

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