Sunday, June 18, 2017

I was taught as a child to visualize violet flame around me

So, from at least 2 to 3 years old on my parents taught me to visualize a tube of light and wall of blue flame and within the tube of light violet Flame consuming all bad karma 24 hours a day.
Image result for tube of lightThis is what they told me to visualize so I got very good at it from childhood on.

Then when I was 25 in 1973  I had a very vivid experience of the violet flame sacred fire. I hadn't realized it was living sacred fire and that the violet sacred flames were actually alive.

At this point it was the evening of Easter 1973 and I had been to Lake Shrine SRF Easter Service in Los Angeles at the lake there and had driven home to Rancho Bernardo near San Diego after the service after visiting friends in L.A.

So, I watched this violet flame burn away all bad karma and watched black smoke come up out of my chest and experienced my whole brain and body be reprogrammed (engrammed) with the consciousness of Saint Germain who also appeared to me at this time before I fainted from the power of the experience. When I woke UP I realized Saint Germain had altered my brain and mind into being like his brain and mind and I have been able to see things happen all over earth whenever I needed to or to know what people were thinking if it was important to God instantly anywhere on the planet if it was relevant to God that I know something.

My life became much different after that I met and married my 1st wife within a year of this and we had my oldest child a son. So, it all makes complete sense to me now that I would have this Born Again experience with the Violet Flame and Saint Germain. When I was 5 Jesus also came to me and I was healed of chicken pox as well. Then before this when I was 2 I was dying of whooping cough and Archangel Michael came and healed me with his band of angels. So, these kinds of experiences began when I was 2 or before.

By God's Grace

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