Friday, June 16, 2017

"I'm Healing"

This should be a mantra or prayer that all people around the world are saying in their spare time over and over again. Because when you experience the truth of this as you say it to yourself, it happens.

This might sound like fantasy to some of you but then likely you have not studied the Mind Body connection like I have.

We each are much more in control of what happens to us and when we die than you might presently think.

What we eat,  where we live, who we associate with, what we think, what we do decide almost completely when and where we die or how good our lives are going to be.

Most of it isn't magic but instead entirely logical and reasonable. So, if you want to be healed just say these words inside your mind and "Experience them as the truth" and they will be.

Be healed in body and mind, be healed in emotions, be healed from traumatic injuries. If you start believing you are healing then your body and mind can get to work both subconsciously and physically.

By God's Grace

So, the rest of your life you can say to yourself "I'm healing" and you will be all the time on all levels.

By God's Grace

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