Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In the Summit Lighthouse these are the names of some of the mated Archangels

Michael and Faith, Gabriel and Hope

These are two of the couple  names I remember from the 1970s. In 1977 I was in Summit University when it was in Pasadena at a rented College of the Nazarene then. I was in Gabriel and Hope's quarter at the University and I went on the Mainframe Computer staff for several months after graduation from this quarter at Summit University. But, my son had gotten whooping cough and I realized I really wasn't cut out for being on staff at any religion because my relationship is direct with God and not really through any one religion but sort of all religions and no religions because God is a direct experience not contrived in any man made way.

So, for me, Archangel Gabriel and Hope are a real and everyday experience as well as Michael and Faith and all the other 5 of the main group of archangels and their mates. Experiencing God and Angels and Archangels every day is important I believe in my experience. It is incredibly powerful and ongoing 24 hours a day.

Often to become an Archangel you have to experience Free Will as a human being on earth or in another culture or planet somewhere in a Galaxy somewhere like the Milky Way Galaxy. Most other angels are only obedient to God.

Archangels are specifically designed by God to be Free Thinkers and problem solvers and so the Archangels could be thought of as Master Angels because that describes what they do.

They are given responsibilities by God to act independently using Free Will which is different from most angels which are more just obedient to God. You have to learn free will as a Human or other type of incarnation to be able to handle the responsibilities of an Archangel.

By God's Grace

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