Friday, June 16, 2017

Manned multirotor Part 20 -First Flight!

I personally found this pretty impressive. He isn't trying to move over the ground apparently more than about 3 to 6 feet above where his feet are which makes sense. I felt a little nervous for him because of so many rotors with centrifugal force thinking I would want some kind of shield in case one of the rotors came loose. But, other than that the whole thing worked pretty well. The number of rotors allows a smoother ride and is less unstable than rides with 4 to 6 rotors doing the same thing. So, the number of rotors all electric powered with good batteries is a great idea. And he said that 8 minutes flying time drained the batteries only 57% too. So, in most every way this was a success. I particularly like the stability with so many rotors by the way! He even flies across grassland to show it works even over land that isn't even too. So, in some ways it opens the way to travel without roads and yet close to the ground to reduce potential injuries as well. By not making any marks at all on the surface of the earth this is a good idea for travel leaving no marks other than what wind would do all by itself without the rotors. However, you would have to have low winds to make this travel practical. And longer lasting batteries would be helpful too.

Manned multirotor Part 20 -First Flight! - YouTube
2 days ago - Uploaded by amazingdiyprojects First manned flight with this aircraft. 162kg TOW total flying time was 8 minutes ...

Manned multirotor Part 20 -First Flight!

Published on Jun 14, 2017

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