Saturday, June 17, 2017

People "Allow" themselves to be healed

I was talking to a friend about "Faith Healing" and I said to him I didn't really like that word because it connates a lot of magic and hocus pocus whereas the truth is actually somewhat different.

The actual truth is people "Allow themselves to be healed" in whatever context they allow themselves to do that.

For example, many people's histories "Demand" perfection in everything everything they do including their appearance. This is a very White Middle Class or Rich perspective running through families. The only real problem is it often leads to suicide in young people because of the stress of so much being expected of them. Often Asian young people kill themselves for the same reason.

So, self acceptance is very important in healing. So, getting over "having to be perfect" in the eyes of parents and grandparents is one of the ways to heal from this so you don't die from overwork for example, which is very common in Japan and South Korea for example.

But, in white people in the U.S. it often manifests if the child doesn't get into the right school, get straight A's etc. They often kill themselves from all the pressure.

So, one of the ways to survive all this pressure applied upon people by parents, grandparents etc. that can result in a child's death often between the ages of 12 and 30 from various outward causes, is to parent yourself and consciously give up all this pressure by realizing you are not good to anyone, especially to yourself if you are dead.

So, as well meaning as parents and grandparents and relatives and friends are, it doesn't really matter at all if you are dead does it?

So, you have to understand they are well meaning and didn't mean to kill you in this process.

So, you stay alive for them and yourself eventually, and create a life you actually can stand to live rather than the one they are forcing you to live. And a part of this healing is parenting yourself and going where you need to go with who you need to go with no matter what parents or grandparents say to the contrary. Often it is a matter of your life or death. But, it is also important to listen to what parents and grandparents and relatives and friends say because they often have more life experience than you do.

But, in the end it is your life not theirs. And at a certain point they just need to butt out and let you live your life as you see fit in the end.

If you can't live with what they want don't die because you are trying to be someone you are not.

So, allowing yourself to heal inside is how we all live to become 30 and to have our own lives that we create for ourselves. Otherwise we are just dead to ourselves and everyone else.

So, at every point in life we all need to "ALLOW" ourselves to heal Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

By God's Grace

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