Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump's Lawyers: Reality is whatever his lawyers say it is?

There are some lawyers (if you pay them enough money) who will argue in court for you that "The Moon is made of Green Cheese" and that you don't live in a human body here on earth because you are an alien or any other thing you might want to argue is true for whatever purpose you might have.

I think to me the most interesting example is the lady on shark tank that helped Trump not lose everything he had in the 1990s as a real estate agent and when she asked to be paid her 3 million dollars he sued her instead. So, she counter sued and won (even though it likely cost her 1.5 million to win the suit so she lost 1.5 million dollars because he wouldn't pay her in the first place.

This is how Trump has always done business. First, you hire something to do something for you, then you sue them for a made up reason and if they have enough money (or balls) they win in court and they lose 1/2 of what Trump was supposed to pay them in the first place even if they win.

For Trump, his lawyers are how he lives in a delusional reality and likely always has since his brother Freddy died and he got Narcissistic Personality disorder from his Brother's death. Now, this is a very sad thing to lose your older brother who you looked up to all your life. But, then again, do we all have to suffer just because Trump's older brother died?

This appears to be the reality we are all dealing with with Trump where ANY unreality Trump can pay lawyers to defend.

Where the delusional becomes what his lawyers fight for when they are paid enough money.

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