Monday, June 19, 2017

Understanding past lives

IF you can imagine yourself not as a human being but as an immortal soul who doesn't need to eat food, breathe, drink water or sleep or even live in time or space this likely would be the best place to start.

You are existing in multiple types of universes of matter, anti-matter, Dark Matter (which means unknown matter) and in many different dimensions that one might call "heaven realms".

You have been there for an eternity. Were you ever born? Maybe. But that isn't in the context of how you might think about all this. Then one day you observe a planet (that we call earth). You notice that there are beings incarnating upon that planet. You become interested in those beings and the planet itself. In studying these beings you find yourself fascinated with them all. And with your attention you start to become a part of those beings until you find yourself incarnated as a human being on earth.

Is this a good experience?

Yes and no.

You find many good things but also things you don't like about being a human being and interactions you are having. However, it is sort of addicting being a human being. You know when you are alive. You know you are going to die and there is a sort of a security to all this and it is less oceanic than forever being alive and never dying ever. So, within this framework you find new ways to understand yourself and the universe.

You might be born on earth once or a million times or then you might find other planets or dimensions to be born on or into. But, because you in some ways were never born and will never die this generally is a pretty unending process isn't it? Because in the end you are an immortal soul that usually doesn't die except maybe from boredom. So, finding interesting things
to do is how you go on and on and on and on.

By God's Grace

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