Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why are more UFOS seen around Mt. Shasta than almost anywhere else on earth?

I had a friend who had been district Attorney of Santa Cruz County in California before he became a Jesuit Catholic priest who has passed away now. His theory was because some volcanoes like Mt. Shasta have an effect on people in that their ESP becomes much greater around places like Mt. Shasta that is a volcano. Likely other powerful volcanoes around the world might be similar in UFO sightings too.

I can attest to how much being around Mt. Shasta changes a person. If you are sensitive or intuitive you feel the difference right away being here. It is like nowhere else on earth in this way. For example, Yosemite Valley is a really powerful spiritually enhancing place to but in an entirely different way. When I was 15 I went there without my parents with my best friend's family and it is mostly why I believe in God now so strongly just from wandering the trails up to Vernal and California Falls and other places like this sometimes for 12 or more hours a day with my friend. There is something about that place too that is amazing and people all over the world feel it too.

But, Mt. Shasta is known for UFOS and I have had my experiences here too that are unlike anywhere else on earth I have ever been.

My own theory is whatever makes humans have incredible increases in ESP also allows a vortex where UFOs can better travel both Time and Space here also. Likely this also means this is a much better place for all kinds of soul travel as well. So, you will find tour groups from Europe and Asia and South America and from all over the U.S. experiencing the amazingness, especially in the summers but also year around too of Mt. Shasta and it's surrounding areas.

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