Thursday, September 21, 2017

Concern Building over Kim Jong Un testing Hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean

Here's the problem with this concept.

When you talk about testing a hydrogen bomb "OVER" the Pacific Ocean you at talking about a specific way to use a Hydrogen bomb.

For example, I believe the altitude is 100 miles up (but it might be closer) that is theoretical to ending all electronics in the U.S. with a 100 megaton hydrogen bomb.

I wrote about something like this in:
by the way where a 100 megaton hydrogen bomb is set of in the sky above mainland U.S. at a high enough altitude to end everything electrical from coast to coast with the EMP. IN this case you are not blowing up anything "BUT the ATMOSPHERE" possibly into space. Instead you are going for ending everything electrical or electronic in the whole country. It doesn't kill everyone either and it doesn't destroy buildings or home just everything electrical within 10 feet of the surface of the earth. Although anything military specifically designed to withstand this like american military tanks, buses and personnel carriers would not be affected because they are designed to withstand EMPS because of preparing for nuclear war since 1945.

So, testing something like this over the Pacific ocean might be a prelude to sending an ICBM into space and then setting it off maybe 100 miles up and ending everything electrical (that's not militarily designed to withstand an EMP of this magnitude over the entire continental United States so only military Tanks and planes would work ever again. This also could make the U.S. vulnerable economically to China and Russia By the way because all our infrastructure: Internet, power, water, gas and all electronics above ground would be gone never to work again until more electronics was obtained from countries outside of the EMP that were not hit. The exception to places being hit would be Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands and likely Puerto Rico.

It's almost as if we are being hit with weather warfare in preparation of a hit like this on the U.S. mainland.

Are Russia and or China prepping North Korea to strike the first blow and then economically take over the world from the U.S. because our infrastructure would be completely gone with one 100 megaton hydrogen bomb ICBM from Space detonating at around 100 miles up coming back in from space from North Korea. It likely would detonate around North or South Dakota or Missouri or something like that which would shut down everything electrical from Maine to California to Seattle to Miami for good (or until it was replaced by electronics from Europe or Japan (likely both) which likely would take at least 6 months to a year to get the U.S. infrastructure going again. Also, electrical grids would have melted off the wires (of any voltage), Any person within 12 feet of anything metal would have likely died or been partially fried by something like a lightning bolt off of the metal caused by the EMP.

My estimate of people near metal dying likely would be around 70 million to 100 million people or about 1/3 of the populace in the U.S. that would instantly look like they had been hit by lightning in this EMP. In other words everything living near metal would be crispy fried instantly from the EMP

However, no home or building would be destroyed only electronics and any thing alive near anything metal in the U.S. like people, birds, animals insects plants and trees and bacteria.

By the way, EMP refers to Electromagnetic Pulse that you get from hydrogen bombs or the Sun (which is a constantly firing set of hydrogen bombs by the way. That's what a sun or star actually is.

The Sun turns hydrogen into Helium which begins the process of moving towards heavier elements which eventually result in planets and moons.

I'm sorry to share so much science with you if you are not someone who likes studying these kinds of scientific things like I do.

Science was my favorite subject from Grade School through High School by the way. I always got A's in Science through High School.

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