Monday, September 25, 2017

Those of us who can see what is coming are the future of the human race here on earth and beyond

It has always been this way. There were always some of us humans who sensed changes others couldn't notice. We had a dream and told our tribes not to be somewhere even if that meant leaving where we were camped or even lived if we were farmers by then. We know where not to be as families and tribes always. The whole human race would have extincted itself Thousands of years ago already without those who saw in dreams or other means the future coming and where to be to survive it and where not to be that would not be survivable on a given day or at a given time like Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes etc. it's always been this way ever since humans have been on earth. So, seeing the future is not enough, one has to convince others of this gift if their lives are to be saved too. But, most of the time you can only save your family and very close friends who have already seen you predict the future. So, this is what we all live with every day.

Does that mean we can emotionally cope with what we see?


It only means we usually know it's real when we see it because of a certain feeling it has to it that is different than silly dreams one has at night. There is a realness to these dreams that one senses. So, learning to discern what is the truth and what is only a dream or psychological unfoldment is often the difference between life and death for an individual or a whole family of people.

This is just how it has always been  ever since humans came to earth millions of years ago now.

Likely 65 million years ago but even this wasn't the first time for humans here. It was just the first time with all the dinosaurs dead that fed on humans before then if they weren't careful.

Sometimes I ask questions like: "Why did technology end here on earth because we used to travel to the stars on Atlantis and Lemuria and Mu?"

The most recent answer I got was that there were on Atlantis a Master class and a slave class and too many of the master class who were actually educated in science and technology drowned when ATlantis sunk. So, devices like the ARc of the Convenant like Moses (as the prince of Egypt built) were still around but most people weren't told about them or even allowed to see things like this like Moses was as a prince before he saw the Burning Bush and became the Moses of the Old Testament.

So, when people have built miniatures of them from the Bible from the old testament where it tells you how to build an arc of the covenant it just knocks out power to whole sections of the East Coast like when they did this. Because UFO technology from Atlantis is not compatible with the kind of way we generate and use electricity today. It is also not compatible with wireless communication or radio waves.

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