Monday, September 25, 2017

What's with Trump?

What's Going On? Is Trump not only a racist against black people but also a racist against hispanic Americans in Puerto Rico?

First he starts a culture war with NFL black PLayers while North Korea says we have declared war on it while people are starving without power or water in Puerto Rico. What's with Trump.

Can you spell "INCOMPETENT?"

INCOMPETENT in this situation likely means "MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE IN North and South Korea, thousands of starving and ill people from not good water or power or air conditioning in Puerto Rico, Thousands of people with problems in Texas, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands while Trump decides to have a culture war because he and his father are KKK with Black men in the NFL?

What kind of Crazy person is our president when he doesn't seem to care about anyone but just his own ego?

So, while Millions are going to Die Trump is going to have a culture War with the NFL?

Can you spell "CRAZY?"

Or maybe a 70 year old with onset SENILITY which just means if you are president basically "CRAZY!" as we watch millions die in Asia and maybe Japan, people die from no medicines or water in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and parts of Florida and Texas.

YES. Trump has great fun arguing like the KKK against Black people while other people die and suffer all over many of which are American Citizens who he is sworn to protect and take care of.

NO. You do not have to spell "INCOMPETENT" because CRAZY is the only word that fits this.

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