Sunday, September 24, 2017

What is an easy way to start to develop your intuitive gifts?

This is easy if you live somewhere safe enough and beautiful enough. You take a 1 hour walk every day through a forested place, along an ocean, or through a desert, maybe around sunset.

You observe nature. You feel the trees with your eyes and your soul. You watch the birds and animals and if you are along the ocean you reach out with your senses and feel the fish and the dolphins and the whales. You integrate your senses with nature and experience it fully. You are not trying to dominate nature in this, you are just experiencing it like you might experience being around a lover just by being together, by communing with nature like it is your friend and relative or many relatives.

This is an easy way to begin to explore your abilities for 1 hour every day. Then later while you are walking (at the beach) (in the forest) (in the desert or mountains) you begin to think about how you can make your own life better, how you can make other's peoples lives better, how you can make the world a better place.

Live your dreams. Follow your passions. Travel the world if that works for you. Find your place in the sun.

Change the world to a better place.

By God's Grace

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