Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Puerto Rico is quickly becoming Trump's Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans


As I listened carefully on CNN about the 2 people dying in ICU in the main San Juan hospital because they ran out of diesel to run the generator there while Trump argued with Black NFL players I realized Puerto Rico likely is going to be Trump's Hurricane Katrina. Because he can divert attention all he wants to from whatever he wants to but Deaths will remain on his head for not acting quick enough to save these people.

The president demonstrates he has no idea how to save lives of Americans dying from Harvey, Irma and now Maria in Puerto Rico.

Also, being in denial of Global Warming and worldwide Climate change only makes the deaths mount up quicker for the whole world.

and withdrawing from the Paris Accords likely means hatred and potential violence from the world in the future towards the U.S.  as thousands and then millions die in future weather events including sea level rise worldwide during storms and storm surges ongoing also worldwide.

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