Thursday, September 21, 2017

Were Harvey, Irma and the two big earthquakes in Mexico triggered by Trump being president?

Not completely, but likely none of these things would have happened if Trump were not president. As an intuitive I can tell you this. Why?

What triggered all these events is the horror most people feel in Mexico, the Caribbean and in the South of these United States at just how crazy and backstabbing and non-loyal Trump is even to those who voted him into office.

Conservative Republicans have down through history been some of the most patriotic and willing to die for their Country, America. So, to understand how Trump has used them and has courted Putin to win the election pisses them off in a very very special way.

I didn't even vote for Trump and I was sick for 4 months after he was elected but imagine if you voted for him and found out he was colluding with Russia. This for a Conservative Republicans with actual ethics would be unbearable. And it is.

So, now you have Harvey, Irma, and two earthquakes in Mexico because these people are all even more upset about Trump being the president than most of you are I are.

The natural result of this upset hysteria: Harvey, Irma, and the 8.1 and 7.1 earthquakes in Mexico.

So, basically what I'm telling you as an intuitive is that none of these things would have happened if Trump wasn't president now. They are completely interrelated.

If you understand what creates wars in people being upset about something, then you can get how hurricanes and earthquakes are often caused by people being upset about things too.

When that upsetedness leads to suicide and insanity like now over Trump then you can have extreme weather events or war time events like we have seen so far.

This is just what this kind of stuff actually looks like when the hysteria manifests on earth.

It's upseted ness out of control when things like this happen on earth.

It's a major "come to Jesus" moment for the whole Christian World and I can't imagine what it is to the Muslim or Buddhist world too.

But one thing I can say, "There are no atheists in Foxholes"

Which means if you know you are going to die you likely are going to suddenly believe in God just before you are killed by a hurricane, earthquake, or warfare.

Hopefully none of you have to face this anytime soon.

By God's Grace

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