Sunday, September 24, 2017

Postcards from Fantasyland from :The Atlantic

Kurt Andersen's Postcards From Fantasyland - The Atlantic
Jul 21, 2017 - In my forthcoming book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire, I look ... playing a character named Donald Trump—not just for 15 years on ...
I couldn't get this to load. Whether you buy the book or not this should be required reading for High School and College Students throughout the U.S.
Because it illustrates the "Traditional American psyche".
If you compare American thought to everywhere else on earth the main difference is: "We believe we can do anything!" And because we all believe this often we can and we do which then blows the mind of the world.
We believed we could go to the moon. We did.
We believed we could win World War II. We did. (With a whole lot of help from other nations)
We believed we could win World War I We did.  (with a whole lot of help from other nations)

We believed we could invent a home computer. We did. An operating system. We did. An Internet. (the whole world helped invent this). 

But you get the idea. We aren't ones to take "No" for an answer regarding almost anything we want to accomplish.

So, the worlds thinks of us often as somewhere between "Wonderful" and Crazy in a way that they both admire and are horrified by at the same time.

But, no one ever accused Americans of "Thinking Small" have they?

And because we believe "Literally anything is possible". We prove that true almost every day.

Look at Trump for example. He's likely the worst example of Americans believing they can do anything yet.

He doesn't even have any facts at all just his mind as he makes shit up out of nowhere.

Sort of like the folks you see walking down streets talking to themselves. Only most of the time he is smarter than they are. And sometimes he is smarter than we are too which makes this the scariest time I have ever been alive on earth.

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