Friday, September 22, 2017

Some of the keys to Healing

These are things you can do as opposed to pretending doctors can always heal you which they can't. They can do certain things and then we have to do the rest or often we either die or are dysfunctional for life.

Good Genetics-This just means your parents and those who raised you had good food to eat and likely were fairly well treated.

Because it is a combination of Good genetics and good diet and not being tortured all the time growing up that actually facilitates healing...

OF course, for example, you can have good genetics, get tortured (we all are tortured some) because the world isn't a perfect place is it? So, with Good genetics alone, for example, you might just realize that if you eat food that is good for you, don't do alcohol or drugs, and stay centered and don't kill or torture people likely you can find ways to heal yourself almost always on this path.

Another component for some (but not all people) is gratitude for whatever you have in life. This helps with mental and physical healing always. Especially if you have parents, siblings, grandparents, children, and friends that you want to stay alive for, often you will take better care of yourselves even you even have only one of these in your life.

Mental and emotional healing is more about understanding what is the problem and then realizing you have to find a way to forgive yourself or others for things that have happened. But, forgiveness doesn't mean staying in a situation forever while you are continuing to be victimized or to continue to victimize others because that is just going to lead to mayhem of one kind or another. because in the end we are all just conditioned animals in the end (no matter what you believe otherwise) and if we allow people to torture us enough in various ways at some point on some day we will revert to animals and just take those people out or harm them in some way or form.

So, forgiveness is great only if you can separate yourselves from those victimizing you, otherwise you are creating only future mayhem of one kind or another. This is a given.

So, healing (healing yourselves is always about taking responsibility for your own healing and diet. Otherwise, it is just a losing battle through out your lives.

By Taking responsibility for eating a good diet and being kind to yourself and others this is the main key to physical and psychological health in all our lives ongoing.

It is also the basic component to all worthwhile civilization here no earth.

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