Friday, September 22, 2017

Crazy Program! "People of Earth" on TV

Earlier this summer someone mentioned a program named "People of earth". I thought the premise sounded pretty funny with a guy from "The Daily Show" starring in it with many other recognizable actors from various comedic TV and Movies along the way.

So, I programmed my TIVO to record all these shows. I remember watching one of the shows several shows in and not being able really to figure out what was going on and giving up. However, tonight my wife and I watched the "Pilot" program and it finally made some sense to me. She loved it because she said it reminded her of "Northern Exposure" in the wacky way it deals with reality.

I suppose if you have any unresolved issues about being abducted this show might also scare the hell out of you depending upon the person worldwide too. But, I'm pretty clear at this point how everything works both on earth and off from studying various things throughout my lifetime. So, this sort of thing is just pretty funny to me now knowing what I know is real.

Anyway, my wife and I both found this TV program that I had recorded on DVR earlier this summer pretty funny the way it is done. I especially thought the Legolas looking Alien from "Lord of the Rings" was a pretty funny take on reality too. You do have to be ready for people to really turn your reality inside out though to watch this thing ongoing though. For example, one abductee having regular sex with a Catholic Priest and things like that and that woman was a regular abductee by aliens as a child before this which is a funny concept from about 100 angles in itself.

If you haven't seen it yet likely I would look first at "Netflix" and then if you can't find it there try "Hulu" and Amazon prime.

For example, I"m watching the complete series of "Game of Thrones" from the beginning from HBO Go still at present. I think I"m at the end of the 4th season so far as I travel around California and Oregon doing various things since April. Most Wifis as you stay in Hotels or people's homes are fast enough to run 'HBO Go"

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