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Is "people of Earth" the comedy series the way things really are?

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Comedy · Journalist Ozzie Graham is skeptical when he investigates a support group for oddballs who think they have been abducted by aliens -- yet the more he ...

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S2 | E9. Truth or Dare. Season Finale Monday at 10:30/9:30c · Watch the Latest Episode. PRESENTED BY. People of Earth ...

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People of Earth is an American comedy television series created by David Jenkins about a support group for alien abductees.
NO. This is just a comedy. It's actually a lot more like Men in Black the movies which is also a comedy.
Imagine Earth as a little small pacific Island nation and that there are nations as much bigger than the Earth than the U.S., China, or Russia or all of Europe and all the rest of the nations on earth.
The little small Pacific Island represents earth which is a place Galactics might like to visit on vacation sort of like Going to Hawaii for fun and all that.
How many Russian, Chinese, and U.S. type CIA agents would be there?
Not many because this island is no threat to anyone. 
However, how many businessmen would be there and tourists or both?
This would be mostly who would come to visit earth.
How many would come and stay?
Most of them would be retired or wanting refuge from places that they didn't like being and retreating back to a past time like Earth is in compared to million year old cultures or more that they have come from.
Why doesn't earth have million year old cultures?
We have ice ages that often are caused by Global Warming where oceans warm and lands cool which causes ice ages over mostly the landed areas periodically so things like humans that don't do well in the oceans either die out or lose their cultures and technology periodically during these cataclysmic events every hundred thousand years or more here on earth. We also have Noah's Ark kind of events where earthquakes occur periodically and places as big as Florida go under water in one day sometimes.
I'm not expecting this for Florida. Florida will be islands soon within a couple of centuries because of seal level rise by the way since the highest elevation there is like 50 feet (the ground)
Scientists now expect a 50 foot rise by 2500 which means basically Florida and the keys will all by underwater by 2500 AD.

Scientists nearly double sea level rise projections for 2100, because of ...

Mar 30, 2016 - This story has been updated. Sea levels could rise nearly twice as much as previously predicted by the end of this century if carbon dioxide ...

By the way most cities by the sea on earth also would be under water at that point because most are under 50 in  elevation (the earth) except their highest buildings so they would be all underwater too sort of like Venice is becoming now in Italy.

 Because all the oceans are connected so when Greenland and Antarctica melt off all sea cities on earth are going to be under 50 feet of water by 2500 and during the storms it will be under 60 or 70 feet of waves and water then. 

But, we will have a new landed Continent: Antarctica where people are going to want to live to stay cool then. It might eventually be like Hawaii's climate now there within 1000 years in Antarctica.

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