Friday, September 22, 2017


My daughter last night was speaking to me that I need to be taking Silica in regard to my life at this point. Part of it is the healings coming from angels. Silica brings minerals into your body and you buy it and add it to water. My daughter and my wife describe this as basically sand ground up so the body can absorb the minerals. When humans were cave men and women we got enough dirt in our food to absorb enough minerals. Also, the meat we ate was closer to the earth with no additives so this made people healthier (at least on this level).

This is all news to me but my daughter tells me I won't be as apt to have to take a nap after walking my dogs in the forest at my present age (70 next year). Today my wife informed me she is taking Silica every day which was a surprise to me which might be why she is so full of energy.

Another thing to take (as long as they don't upset your stomach) is  "Nature made" Balanced B-110 Complex tablets which are timed release. My cousin who is a lawyer and 74 or 75 says taking one of these each morning allows him to still work 10 hour days 4 days a week at age 74 or  75 still. The timed release he says allows him not to "fade out" while working after 2pm or 3pm each day.

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