Friday, September 22, 2017

My personal concerns about N.Korea testing a hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere above the pacific Ocean

Concern Building over Kim Jong Un testing Hydrogen... 

The word button above explains the problems I have already addressed concerning a lot of this.

Here's the real problem with this action. If you test a hydrogen bomb in the air at ANY altitude, radiation will eventually rain down "EVERYWHERE" on earth. So, you set up a problem where the U.S. would be irresponsible at this point not to "Take out" North Korea completely in the whole world's eyes.

The other problem with this is that I realized when N.Korea launched two missiles now over Japan that this wasn't going to end well for North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the U.S. or China. The ONLY nation it might work out for actually would be Russia who is a cheering section for north Korean actions at this point. I'm sure China doesn't trust Russia and Putin very much right now either because of these actions.

But, I see nothing real to stop Kim Jong Un saying he will test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific and instead saying "Whoops we screwed up and it accidentally? went off over the U.S. and shut down everything electrical there instead."

Which would be something useful to North Korea, China and Russia by the way because nothing electrical would work ever again in the U.S. because it all would be melted from the EMP and by the way anyone near metal would be dead (I figure 70 million to 100 million people dead from an EMP of this size if it went off high enough near South Dakota, Missouri or around there as the epicenter of the gigantic EMP all across the U.S.

So, once something with a nuke on board leaves the ground in North Korea just expect the U.S. or South Korea or Japan to shoot it down over north Korea which basically means North Korea, South Korea and parts of China would be gone along with any one who lives there or is visiting there if the thing goes off near the ground somewhere. Most in NOrth Korea would die immediately and those further away would die more slowly, (weeks months or years).

So, there is no sane way to look at any of this. Any way you look at this millions of people are either going to die or billions of people are going to be radiated worse than from Chernobyl where no one on earth could drink milk for awhile because it wasn't safe to drink because it carried too much radiation especially over Europe and Russia after Chernobyl.

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