Friday, September 29, 2017

Maitreya Mudra

My family and I had received the Kalachakra empowerment and initiation in Bodhgaya, India around Christmas time 1985. Then we went with Geshela (Geshe means literally Spiritual Friend) which is a type of Lama that we had orginally met in Santa Cruz, California in1983. We went with him to Nalanda University (the ruins of the ancient Buddhist university where Padmasambhava was as a Mahasiddha before he went to Tibet and STarted Tibetan Buddhism there. We then traveled by train to Varanasi (Benares) (the Burning Ghat) The Ganges River and all that. Then we took the train with Geshela and his English Translator to the Taj Maha and at that time you could still walk inside it and see the Lingham and Yogi sculptures then. Then we went to New Delhi and stayed there a couple of weeks until one daughter got sick so we figured going up to the mountains to Dharmshala would get her well and it did at 6000 feet into the Himalayas.

While we were there we met Deshek who spoke perfect English because he had give up his Tibetan Buddhist Robes to become a Mountain Climbing Guide to support his parents until they died (no social security in the Himalayas). He told me about Drukpa Kunley and about 20 years later I found out he was a real Lama in Bhutan of a Crazy wisdom Sort. he kept me laughing with Drukpa Kunley stories sometimes until I feel down laughing there in Dharamshala, India in the mountains.

Then one day he took me and my family to see Ling Rinpoche. He didn't really tell us much except that we were to receive an amazing blessing. He was right. WE hiked many miles up into the Himalayas with 15,000 to 20,000 foot snow covered peaks in the distance and there was this remote stone house or hut with a slate roof quarried within 10 or 20 miles of us that I had also visited and we knocked on the wooden door and two Tibetan Monks opened the door and let us in to see Ling Rinpoche. We were told nothing really except the monks were smiling as if they knew something we didn't know. My father had died about 6 months before so when I saw Ling Rinpoche (the Senior Teacher of the Dalai Lama) there stationary and not moving in meditation position with his hands and arms in a Maitreya Mudra of infinite teaching and blessing from Maitreya I asked if he was coming back from his meditation and the monks Thubten Translated from them "No" he wasn't coming back.

I asked how long he had been like this and they said, "Two years" but the body was not decomposing and didn't smell which was mind boggling to me and to my family. I finally had to go outside and cry because my father had died 6 months before and this was the most profound of Zen types of experiences that I was having that I ever likely had in my entire life.

I felt the heaven realms coming back through his body to my family and I and within the last few weeks realized that the King of Shambala in the Kalachakra Tantra that I and my family had received from the Dalai Lama is Maitreya Buddha. So, I recently realized I had been initiated with my family into Maitreya Buddha's heaven realm through the Kalachakra and now I was experiencing Maitreya's heaven realm directly through Ling Rinpoche.

What did this mean?

It's been 31 years now almost this December since I experienced the Kalachakra Tantra empowerment and initiation with my family in Bodhgaya with the Dalai Lama and around 500,000 others from around the world. But, I still remember experiencing Maitreya's heaven realm through Ling Rinpoche's Aura. It's like it has kept growing ever since and has never stopped growing and growing through me and into me and into everything I see, hear or touch or write about ever since.

By God's Grace

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