Thursday, September 28, 2017

Considering two people died in ICU in a hospital in Puerto Rico this week when they ran out of diesel:

moving a hospital ship to Puerto Rico seems like a very good idea because the hospital ship brings it's own diesel (sometimes good for months ongoing) to the port of San Juan or wherever it docks. This could run air conditioning to because temperatures have been over 100 degrees there with high humidity and rainfall often. The rain though is being caught by locals off their roofs for washing or by boiling it for drinking as well. (That is if they still have a roof to catch rain water off of).

begin partial quote from:
Trump Administration Waives Jones Act to Speed Up Aid to Puerto Rico

The move comes after the administration was criticized for a subpar response to the deepening humanitarian crisis on the island, home to 3.5 million Americans.
In addition to lifting the Jones Act, the U.S. military will deploy a medical ship to Puerto Rico in the coming days as the island commonwealth continues to struggle in the immediate aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Maria.
In a statement provided to CNN by the U.S. Navy, the USNS Comfort is "capable of providing resuscitation and stabilization care; initial wound and basic surgery; and postoperative treatment."

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