Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting Real

The world economic system is out of balance. Not that it hasn't always been. The world just sort of faked it and pretended everything was okay. However, the latest rude awakening worldwide won't allow that anymore.

Although the problems weren't in general caused by the common people of the world, still they bear some responsibility. There is a saying, "Every government is a reflection of it's people", and this is true in every case. When the common people of the world don't come together and ask for what they need together only chaos reigns for all. Much of the world is this way still.

To make matters worse the rich take advantage of every situation no matter what level of suffering this inflicts on the masses. One reason for this is basic survival. When population is obviously out of control worldwide, the educated and the rich look around and say, "This is completely crazy what can I do?" Then the logical and reasonable among them find the answer is eventually "Not Much". Given this they take care of their own.

Until population is not only reduced but realistically controlled through birth control, education, women's rights and childrens rights the type of chaos we are seeing now will continue on and on.

For what good does it do create a good life when it will be destroyed by overpopulation and Global Climate Change?

Education, birth control, women's rights and children's rights are the only key to solving the basic problems on earth in a permanent way. Otherwise Global Climate change will just kill us all as we overpopulate the world!

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