Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Worms on Mars

I'm not sure if you have seen the photos of what appear to be worms living on Mars on the edge of the underground ice. If this is true I'm not sure many of you understand what a very very big deal this is. It means that earth is not the only planet with life on it. And it also means that if we have found life on two planets in our solar system there likely are lots more out there.

As a baby and then growing up my parents believed in Soul travel. It was not that they said to me that they consciously could do this. They just believed it was possible. So, since this was a normal conversation growing up I decided to start praying at about age 9 or 10 to be able to soul travel since I liked riding a bike and riding in cars, on motorcycles and in boats or ships or planes. Soul travel just seemed like a fun thing to do. So I kept working on it in my dreams from about age 9 or 10 on. I didn't have a name for it like they do now. Now they call it lucid dreaming where you can control your dreams.

Well, I found that if you are in the right kind of dream it is soul traveling. In fact, you can navigate using landmarks you know when you are awake and can do all sorts of things. However, since many good, bad and indifferent beings and people also do this I learned to be on some kind of good mission for God or angels so I would have protection during these journeys. I also learned starting about age 17 to 22 that I could consciously soul travel around planet earth as well as off planet.

If you know how young men are that age then you know the type I was: not married, girlfriends but none I was marrying soon or living with. So from that state of mind I didn't really care much whether I lived or died as long as what I was doing was interesting.

So, I got it in my mind from reading a Marie Corelli book that Queen Victoria liked about the center of the Galaxy and decided I wanted to go to the center of the Galaxy and meet God there.

So, one day I soul traveled first off planet and then to Venus because I had read about Venus on "Dweller on Two Planets and it sounded like an interesting place to soul travel to.

What I found out there was that even though it is 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit
that there are people who live there in soul bodies. I'm not really sure what to call it maybe," a dream or heaven realm on Venus" from people who used to live there in bodies maybe. Anyway, since I was soul traveling I was impervious to heat just like them so everything seemed normal.

They told me that if I wanted to go to meet God in the center of the Galaxy that I should go into the sun. I said, "Won't I burn up in the sun?" They said, "No. you are in your soul traveling body that is impervious to heat or cold." so I said, "OH."

So, I decided to do what they said and I went into the sun. IN the sun I found plasma beings whose bodies were made of plasma instead of human bodies. But to me they looked like earth humans on their bodies were made out of solar plasma. However, now I'm not sure whether they just looked like this for me so I would be more comfortable.

When I asked whether they could help me visit God in the Center of the Galaxy they said, "Yes. But it is different there than you think." I said, "I still want to go there and meet God." So they said, "We will help you but you have to leave part of your soul traveling body here. Part of you can't leave the solar system but another part of you can."

So they sat me down in a chair. After all these years I don't think they really gave me a chair to sit on in the sun. So I think something else must have happened.

Then the next thing I remember is being aware of a lot of intelligent people that reminded me of the Greek Pantheon or something like in a movie or something. They told me that I was the first of my era to survive the trip to the Galactic Core.

They let me stay there a long time but since time is different there than here, it was like being there a year but for my body here on earth it was only one night. However, they had IQ's of at least 1000s to millions. So, I was sort of like a primitive Tarzan to them.

I think they admired me for taking such a risk that I could easily have died to get there. However, it all seemed pretty natural to me.

The leader of the galaxy said that he would grant my wish for earth not to be destroyed if he could see through my eyes the rest of my life. I was only 20 or 21 so this seemed like a good deal to me.

What I learned there completely changed how I saw things. There I met beings. I expected to meet God there but that wasn't who I met.

It was like going somewhere one naively expected to see God. Sort of like if a native American or South American Shaman went to Washington DC or New York but had no idea that there was any place but the Brazilian Rain forest where he lived.

There are some lines that remind me of what I learned in the movie

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" And earthling says "But the earth is ours."

To which the alien says, "NO it isn't"

What I learned in the center of the Galaxy is that Earth sort of owns its own timeline(S) but earthlings don't own earth.

The reason for this is that the planet that is now the asteroid belt once had a non-interference(time alteration wise) with the galaxy. But since the nuclear war likely between two apposing groups on the Asteroid Belt planet or a nuclear war between Mars and the Asteroid belt planet blew up one planet into the asteroid belt and blew most of the atmosphere on Mars.

It appears we here on earth are descended from the survivors of Mars and the Asteroid belt planet. But since this happened we, the survivors might be allowed to go extinct but earth is a recognized Galactic National Park and the easiest way I can say this is that we are seen more like the deer in Yosemite and Yellowstone Park than anything else. The Galaxy doesn't recognize our ownership of Earth and has no problem thinning us out just like we might thin out Bear or deer or Buffalo in a National park like Yellowstone.

In fact, that would be the best illustration. Earth is literally a Galactic Yellowstone National Park.

I don't expect you to believe me. Why should you? You didn't experience all this.

However, I did.

You all have met people that can speak 5 to 10 languages. I guess I can keep it all in perspective because I just see this as like another language or way of seeing things.

Just like if you speak more than one language some things cannot be translated from some languages into another. As I write this for you it's like that for me. I really don't know how to translate all this in what would be a non-traumatic useful form.

I understand all this but I'm still an American living in a body in California. But what I have written is very likely just as true as the fact that I'm a Californian living on the coast near the ocean. So, for you it is likely entertaining or just food for thought. Because I experienced all this it is much more than that for me.

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