Monday, December 22, 2008

note to readers

note to readers of blog: Since I am a lifelong precognitive psychic, if I sense a 75% to 90% or higher precognitive vision I will write it down. Often these things are difficult to take so I only leave them up for 1 hour or 12 or 24 hours and then I delete them as I sense the usefulness has ended.

Whatever I write (as a precognitive psychic) is likely to happen but as you may know if you write the likely future then you change it for even thinking about the future you see coming it changes it and telling people about the future you see changes it further. Mostly I write about things I see that I don't want to happen. Things I see that I want to happen I just let happen so that is why most things I write about in this way are negative because they are the ones that need changing to a better outcome, a better future.

My way of doing this I call "The Refinement of Time". This creates a situation where if there is a nuclear blast about to happen I can write about it and change the outcome. If you are a precognitive psychic doing this is like riding in a car with the ability to see miles ahead with friends. So several miles from an accident or bad situation you can tell your friends and save their lives before they accidentally get hurt or killed. This is no different than finding out about something dangerous and calling friends on the phone to warn them of danger. It is exactly the same thing.

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