Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saving the Future Part 3


As you Remember if you read Saving the future part 1 and 2 I, Jonathan Flow, was talking in Ragna's time space conveyance in a pine forest near the ocean on the coast of Central to Northern California. Ragna had set the alarms because the ship is invisible and from 7000+ AD from the Swiss Italian border at that time. Obviously it is called something different by then because English, French, Spanish, Portugese, German and most other european languages by then have melded into one language, even though variations of all the others are still spoken then in more remote hamlets of mainland europe. There are also influences in this language of Russian and Chinese that have been major influences in addition to the English language influence common to the 20th and 21st centuries on all European languages.

Ragna begins "Jonathan, there is something else I wanted to speak to you about. It might help you deal with some of the ambiguities of your present lifetime. Both you and your father and your uncle have been for over 5000 years of my past, in specific from the mid 1930's into the 7000s AD and beyond, a wild card, an enigma, an impossibility, and most of all a question of what came first the chicken or the egg.

Philosophers of our time that have actual or theoretical knowledge of time travel know about you. They aren't supposed to according to Earth Law, but according to Galactic Law you will write about this as a Doing Business as: kind of Galactic Legal statement that people can choose to believe or not, as is their wish.

So, everything you write will become at the very least a potential reality, reminding some of the potent predictions of Jules Verne in the late 19th Century. So, since you are writing all this down, some will know it is true, some will assume it is true or at the very least based upon truth, others won't care, and some will just be entertained and not really care about the significance of all this beyond being entertained."

To this Jonathan said, "Yes. I've been informed about this sort of thing, formally by The Galactic Sentience who considers me a dream form of his Grandfather, informally by His Oneness of Lemuria, Arcane, and Elohar, and now you are speaking to me about all this. However, any ambiguity that you can help me solve I would be grateful for because it is all a bit much for a basically 20th Century man trying now to live in the 21st century and understanding so much about millions of years of Earth and Solar System and Galactic History past, present and future. It is all a bit much to make sense of to myself let alone to write about it for anyone else. And strangest of all to have to translate it into English my home tongue. That might be the strangest of all since so much of it is received like all Shaman of the Universe do directly through telepathy, a sort of osmosis. So, everything I write about I know that others would translate differently than I. So, I always am concerned what other humans of earth and others will do with what I write. So I realize I'm taking a risk for all beings knowing that everyone will perceive this differently. But just like Crocodiles, if no one knew about them, wouldn't it be nice to know about them before one jumped into a stream with them and were eaten up? This is my motivation so that humans and other evolved beings will be better prepared when they encounter other civilizations of human like beings or others along the way."

Ragna smiled at this. He said, "Yes. However, even though this is a very noble endeavour it will confuse everyone in various different ways down through time. And yet, they will find everything pretty much the way you have described it and as a result many lives will have been saved and many beings won't go insane in the process because they will have been somewhat prepared by reading your renditions of the past, present and future in more actual detail than most beings either can or are allowed to muster and write about. You are a very rare fellow indeed, Jonathan."

Jonathan said, "That is what I"m told by several different beings from several different time periods past, present and future."

Ragna said, "Precisely. And that brings me to what I really need to talk to you about. Can you remember telling me how when you first started bi-location and bi-location time travel that you used to think it was accomplished through effort and how over 10 years you realized that the universe was more like a thought than a physical thing with actual dimensions?"

Jonathan was slammed by Ragna's explanation and said,"I didn't say it that way. Your way of putting it is five or ten steps ahead of the way I put it."

Ragna said, "That's only because I have access to 5000 years more scientific discoveries both on Earth and beyond than you do."

Jonathan this moment felt scared and alone and small. He hated such moments of feeling vulnerable. He dealt with them the same way he did with such moments with his father as a child. He stood as strong as he could as a man and prepared himself for whatever would come...

Ragna went on and Jonathan heard an angry plaintive quality come into Ragna's voice.

"I need to return to the paradoxical ambiguities that you, your father, and uncle have created just by your existence. First of all, no one not even I know whether the change began when you were born and grew up and soul traveled to the Galactic Core and met the Galactic Sentience who then realized you were an incarnation of his Grandfather who had created the Galaxy, OR, whether your father and of course Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla were the start of all this, Or, whether it was entirely the Galactic Sentience who planned this whole thing himself? You would not believe the arguments and hurt feelings among people who take one view or another. Then there are other points of view that have actually resulted in altercations of various sorts over the years."

Jonathan felt a little hurt by this and said, "I never intended any harm to anyone."

Ragna catching the hurt feelings of Jonathan quickly said,"No. I didn't mean that you intended this. In fact, far more good was done the last 5000 years with this than harm. However, just be aware I am a part of this present diaglog and even though it was required reading in school in a theoretical context, I also was privy to the good as well as the harm done to civilization by this. However, without this thing you and I are doing now my future could not exist. In other words without what you and I are doing here right now I would have never been born!"

Jonathan said, "That's a pretty scary thought. In its own way its as scary as the chicken and egg thing with my Dad and Uncle and the whole Galactic Thing."

Ragna said, "Exactly. And now you are ready to hear what I really have to say. There really is no time or space. This is the first thing Time travelers are taught and it come from the basic lessons as a shaman you teach in your works. I could call you a scientific Shaman in the vein of Merlin and Jesus and Buddha. This is not to degrade the incredible gifts these men brought to society. It is to explain the gifts you bring as a linc in their infinite chain of knowledge and wisdom. You bring lineage and I as a young man was taught by the lineage you bring from science, lineage both Christian, Buddhist, Swami, native American Shamanic etc. By applying the scientific method to philosophic and religious thought you have brought both mythology and reason and scientific inquiry into everyday life. Not many are willing to take the risks that you have because they are too culturally and religiously constrained. The pain you have been through in your life has freed you the way most humans could never psychologically survive. But you have Jonathan. And that's the point. So I say to you, 'There is no time or space' and you can handle it where others cannot yet. 'There are only states of consciousness keyed in my pictures still or moving and music and song if one wishes. In the end that's all there is and all life in the universe communes in this way. End of story"

Jonathan once again had been stunned by this. At some level he had always assumed this was so as he soul traveled but to bring it into focus in this way made him a little nauseous. Maybe this was why the Lamas used to say when they entered some of the higher states, "I will forsake nausea."

However, he thought, pretending that there was still time and space while realizing that ultimately it didn't exist seemed to be appropriate. Because who wants to hurl all the time. For after all, we are in human bodies that live in time and space, even if it doesn't really exist. Wasn't that after all what the rocks had said to him. "Time is, (it) doesn't pass."

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