Monday, December 8, 2008

Matter and Antimatter Universes

Take this with a grain of salt if you wish:

I'm speaking here as a lifelong precognitive and I soul traveled a lot while I was young. In fact, I finally decided that living in a human body was more important to me than soul traveling and that if I wanted to live here on earth I had to value having a body on earth. At this point I soul traveled a lot less. Even though the basic principle of soul traveling is thinking about something. The more emotion you place on whatever you are thinking about the more you go there. I also found out that to the soul there really is no place or time, just states of consciousness. So one automatically goes to any space or time by focusing on a particular state of consciousness. Since I fully believe this is a technology, I also believe it is possible to build a device that could take 2 or 2000 or even 2,000,000 people to any place or time as long as you had someone who had already been there by soul traveling. This could be done instantly because of the true nature of the universe. I discovered all this before I was 22. I became interested in soul travel by 4 to 9 years old because my parents believed in it and studied how to become proficient themselves. I don't know if they ever became proficient. However, I did. I was fine until I reached the edge of the Galaxy and went out beyond that and scared myself to death by the emptiness. However, within 10 years I met Tibetan Lamas in the U.S. and India and Nepal who understood the void and how to deal with it. After that I found I could go to other galaxies if I wanted. At first in my teens I believe going from one point in time and space to another required effort. Within a few years I realized this wasn't true. The only real effort required is to have an artists eye, know where and when you want to go and then feel it and it just happens. That is the basic principle, and of course the time to slow oneself down enough to actually do it. The best people for doing this wouldn't live in a city but far in the country with no tv, cell phones, or electricity of any kind. This is just a hint about what is useful. Once you learn this you could do it anywhere you felt safe, however.

This was all a preface to my writing on Matter and Antimatter universes. While I was soul traveling a lot in my early twenties, I met what I call the Creators. They are a race of beings who create galaxies. They are huge beings the size of stars and Nebula(though they don't start out in life that way) and they create galaxies. Actually Galaxies both matter and antimatter are a byproduct of their feeding. At the core of each galaxy is what we call a Black hole. This is a main feeding place for Creators. They feed when matter turns to antimatter and when antimatter turns to matter.

We can't see the Antimatter universes because they are in the polar opposite dimension to matter universes. However, Creators, most specifically the Galactic Sentience of our Milky Way Galaxy told me this. He also told me that I am in my present human form a dream generation of his grandfather who along with his grandmother created the Milky Way Galaxy. He said he runs the Galaxy now while his Grandfather sleeps and regenerates along with his grandmother for millions or billions of years. Since these beings are basically immortal nothing kills them except boredom. So, when they start to get bored they go to sleep and dream themselves into things like humans that appear to be mortal. This mortality takes them out of the boredom and brings new value to being alive. One cannot value life if it goes on forever. It is only when a being thinks that they might die that they can value life properly. So, this is how Creators who want to stay (Eternally) alive do stay alive by spiritual regeneration.

Like I said "Take this all with a grain of salt". However, this is also something I have directly experienced so for me it is about as real as living in a human body on earth. However, as we all know we each have to be true to ourselves for life to make sense to us. Anyway, I hope this is useful to physicists and philosophers who wish to understand the universe better. So whether this is a mythological story to you or whether it is a hypothesis or whether this is a law to you it is fine with me.

What actually inspired me to write this article was reading the following article called: Laser technique produces bevy of antimatter. It's at

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