Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Real Problem of the Internet and Cell Phones

Yesterday I was checking through the data on my blog on my account. I realized that at least while I compiled information through my blogs all data searches through Google were recorded. I have no idea what Google does with that information. I could go back to when I opened my blogger account over 1 1/2 years ago.

So, just in regard to the internet people are watching all of us, reading our emails and sorting through what we look at and research online. Since many if not most of us over 5 years old use the internet more than public libraries or home Encyclopedias and home libraries, people who have access can look at your 5 year olds paper on smiling, their latest art project, their first online report printed out for school and if you file online your taxes and anything else you put online. Through personal research I have found that 90% of online banking is NOT secure. And the only bank I'm sure of their security online is Wells Fargo. And even then a really good hacker might be able to break into their system and not leave a trace. So, is anything online secure?

The answer has to be, 'No'. So, the real question is "What are you doing online? and is it safe?"

The real answer to this is "No one knows!"

In addition to this all this information could theoretically be kept for a 1000 years or more and things we do today could be used to punish our descendants or to harm us today or tomorrow. It is all an unknown.

Because of this I make it a point to at the very least never to use paperless credit card records or to EVER file taxes online. Those two things at least I think should only be my business and whoever does my taxes, me or someone else.


First of all there is a GPS chip that tells whoever where you are 24 hours a day whether your phone is on or off in most phones today!

My God daughter had a really bad experience with this. Her live in boyfriend gave her a phone that she was grateful for at the time. But he didn't tell her that it was a phone the whereabouts he could track 24 hours a day whether it was on or off. It was a phone that parents get their teenagers in order to keep track of them online. I'm told you only have to key in your code and then can see on a map exactly where the owner of this phone is or where the phone is at that moment whether it is on or off.

So this phone was okay as long as they lived together but then they broke up and he used this phone to stalk her. Now he may go to jail and has threatened her new boyfriend with death.

You can see all the problems with GPS devices in phones can or could cause and how many murders might have already been created using this kind of device. It's bad enough when law enforcement use these devices planted on suspects cars. But as you can see boyfriends, friends, parents and just friends who are really stalkers at heart or just wacko can and do get these phones and give them away.

At the very least an effort needs to be made to inform the receivers of these phones that they are being watched and that their lives might be in danger as a result.

And last of all, most if not all cell phones are equiped to be able to listen to any conversations you might have within earshot of your cellphone while the cellphone is either on or off.

All of these elements are contributing directly I believe to the present economic collapse on earth. For, it doesn't really matter WHO has access to this information. For it is human nature to be corrupted in multiple ways, no matter who receives all this what used to be private information.

For as we all know, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

I write all this so that you can be informed enough to take whatever precautions to better protect yourselves and your families. It is not to make anyone paranoid but simply aware.

All this is actually happening 24 hours a day to anyone with a cellphone or who uses the internet in any way. The real question is: "Now you have been informed do you care?" and of course the next question is: "If you don't care doesn't that mean you are already a slave to whoever is listening and just accepting it?"

I grew up in an era when people revered their right to privacy and guarded their rights and their privacy with their bodies, minds and guns.

Now we are watching all the rights that our ancestors fought and died for being taken away slowly mostly by scaring the populace into thinking that slowly losing their rights is good for them. I'm sorry, it is not good for them. It is only good for those who can financially benefit from this information at the expense of the violated general populace of earth who actually use these cell phones and the internet.

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