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Artificial Silver

Note: I wrote 2035 which appears to sort of be shaping up as an ongoing cliffhanger type of experience that I write as I'm inspired. This is a new section that I had an idea for tonight as I watched "Iron Man", the movie with Robert Downey Jr. The family is looking forward to Iron Man 2 Coming out at theaters in May 2010. end note

Note 2: When I began to soul travel in my early 20s consciously after I made a paradigm shift in Rancho Bernardo I eventually went all the way to the Center of the Galaxy mostly because I was young and knew I could and I thought I would meet God there. However, I was wrong about what I thought God was and that God was just one being I could meet like that. However, what did I really know I was just 22 and in college? However, parts of what I experienced in the center of the Galaxy with the beings I encountered there with IQs over 1 million I'm trying to share as I think it might be helpful to both you and future humans here on earth when you encounter them yourselves. There appears to be a "Galactic Pilgrim Law" which goes something like this:

If someone is searching for God and traveling in their soul throughout the galaxy they have the right to do this. So even if they are killed or harmed in some way they have the right to be brought back to life by Galactic authorities as long as their motivation as pilgrims seeking God is pure. I just thought this might be helpful to all of you now and in the future and even in the past when this information reaches you in this galaxy and others.

However, I once heard a description told by a native American who told of a piano. It went something like this. First of all this happened likely in the very early 1800s before settlers had reached his homeland. It went something like this:

"I saw the thing and it screamed when the man pushed on its teeth. However, the teeth made interesting noises so the screaming of the thing might be pleasant to some people."
He was describing a pianist playing a piano.

If you never knew what a piano was how would you know to describe it if it wasn't a part of your cultural awareness. The same with the man playing a piano. What was he doing and why?

The same is true with my experiences in the center of the galaxy while soul traveling there. Though the beings there were amazed I came they were tied to that location no matter what amazing geniuses they were. It would kill them or drive them insane(probably both) to come to earth as where they live isn't like this sector of the galaxy at all.

Do I expect you to believe any of this? Why "No!" why would you if you didn't experience it yourself? However, if you are an intuitive like me then you know what I say is based upon truth and true experiences. This is just the way life is. end 2nd note

Begin Artificial Silver The next section in "2035"

Silver was now 80 years old (but still looked 35 because he was rich enough to look any way he wanted and to live to at least 125). Since Silver was born in the year 2000 this meant that it was now 2080.

One day Arcane came to Silver and said, "You are being summoned to the Center of the Galaxy with me."
Silver looked scared and said, "I'm an old man even though I look 35 I'm actually 80 now Arcane."

Arcane said, "So?"
Silver said, "Well. Even though people tell me I'm now immortal I sure don't feel immortal."
Arcane said, "That's pretty normal, Silver. I'm told I'm immortal too. However, I have pain in some part of my body every day I wake up."
Silver said, "What do you do?"
Arcane said, "I try to meditate on healing that part of my body then I eat well and I exercise and go to where the air is pure like on the ocean or into the mountains or vast deserts whenever I can and experience what is left of wildness and nature."
Silver said, "I admire you for that Arcane. I'm not always disciplined enough to remember to visit all the wild places and to commune with nature. I get lost in all my inventions sometimes."
Arcane said, "That is how you were designed by the Galactic Sentience."
Silver Said, "You talk like he is my God or something."
Arcane said, "NO. That's not it. He genetically and psychologically engineered you to perform a certain function for the human race."
Silver said, "That's depressing."
ARcane said, "Well. It's the truth in the end. But that is only a part of it. Most of what you were designed to do on earth is completed so he wants you to come to the center of the galaxy now and to spend time with him there."
Silver said, "I'm not even sure What he is!"
ARcane laughed and said, "He is just a being like me and you that isn't naturally a human but who can be one or more humans at a time if he wishes."
Silver said, "That isn't comforting me."
ARcane looked into Silver and said, "Imagine a being who is really immortal who never has aches and pains as we know it and the only thing that actually causes him pain is psychological pain from loss or things not going the way he wants."
Silver said,"I'm not sure I can imagine that. It's very unhuman."
Arcane said, "Yes. But it is the way it is. Maybe if you saw The Galactic Sentience as Zeus who is an energy being made of electricity and plasma like in a star or nebula that can also be radio or TV signals or anything related to electricity and can even live in the neurons of a physical human or animal body or anything electrical anywhere."
Suddenly Silver was interested. "You mean he can actually live inside Purple Delta 7s circuits?"
Arcane said, "Of course. He can project himself into anything electrical. He just has to align with the right voltage or frequency for whatever he wants to do."
Silver thought about this. "So he could literally come inside anyone and change their thoughts?"
Arcane said, "This is against all the basic laws of being a Galactic Sentience except in dire emergencies."
Silver said, "So it is done in emergencies?"
Arcane said, "Only in dire emergencies."
Silver said, "Then in the end he is literally a God?"
Arcane looked at Silver and said, "Politically he is a God. Spiritually he prefers not to be seen this way because it interferes with useful communication with thinking beings. He prefers to see all life in his galaxy as an artwork, a beautiful interacting design of amazingly creative beings. This makes him happy."

Silver said, "If I was a God in this Galaxy I would think like this too."
Arcane said, "You are."
Silver looked scared and said, "What do you mean?"
Arcane looked again deeply into Silver and said, "All Galactic Citizens could be said to be Gods, Silver. We are all Gods of the Galactic Sentience's Pantheon. You and I are like DemiGods in this Galaxy. You understand that don't you?"
Silver looked frightened at all the implications of this and said, "I do now."

Silver started to shake a little from the implications of this and said, "What now?"
Arcane said, "Sit. We go now."
Silver said, "I'm scared but okay."

They sat and ARcane took Silver's hands. Silver said, "What what about my wife, Lilu?"
Arcane said, "She won't notice. You will be back the next instant."
ARcane neglected to tell Silver they would be gone for years before he returned the next second after he left.

And there they were in the center of the Galaxy. Jonathan was there in his soul body. Silver knew this because he could see through his friend Jonathan Flow like a Ghost. They all appeared to be in a palace that reminded Silver of the Palace at Versailles in France. He wondered about this. He had visited France the previous October with Jonathan and Jonathan's wife and two daughters. Silver sort of felt confused. He turned to Arcane and said, "Why is there a duplicate of Versailles in the center of the Galaxy?"
Arcane said, "The Galactic Sentience is an energy being bigger than the Solar System so he created a palace so you and Jonathan and I would be comfortable in human bodies."
Silver said, "But Jonathan is in a soul body?"
Arcane said, "Yes. But Jonathan doesn't need this palace physically. He only needs it psychologically while we all are here."
Silver said, "Oh."

End of part copied to********

Silver meets Artificial Silver

As Silver turned and looked down the duplicate of the room often Called "The Crystal Palace" in Versailles with many ornate chandeliers and ornate ceiling windows and floors he noticed the being he had met before that he had been introduced to in a human type of looking form that called himself "Rex" which was a combination of Silver's father Rex and the Galactic Sentience that had asked to be called "Dad" or "Daddy". Silver shivered a little at this half his biofather and half The Galactic Sentience being that looked like his father walking towards he and Arcane and the soul traveling spirit of Jonathan.

Daddy said, "Hi you guys. Thanks for coming on such short notice"
Arcane said, "We are happy to be here. However, why is Jonathan here too?
Daddy said, "Well. You know Jonathan first came here through your physical sun in late 1969 and kept returning fairly regularly after that. However, he remembers it all being one visit because of the nature of human memories and all that."
Silver said, "Oh."
And the look on Jonathan's face told everyone present that this was news to him too.
Daddy said, "I just wanted my family close because there are many changes afoot in the galaxy and surrounding galaxies. It helps me to draw my family of beings close at times like this. Remember Arcane and Jonathan are incarnations of the Creator of this Galaxy, my grandfather."

There was something awesome in what "Daddy" was saying. Arcane and Jonathan couldn't quite put their finger on it exactly but each of them knew this meant something important to everyone in the galaxy.

Silver on the other hand was less emotionally present because this was a completely new experience and hadn't done anything like this before. The most similar event was going to the Galactic Time Guard planet and meeting Purple Delta 7 and being made immortal at that time by her technology. So the his present state of mind was more of being in a minor state of shock than anything else.

Daddy was gesturing toward something coming into the "Crystal Palace" they appeared to be in. Silver felt kind of nauseous because it appeared to be a duplicate of him. As the new Silver drew near Daddy said, "Here is ArtiSilver, Silver."
Silver said, "Why?"
Daddy said, "I need you to spend some time with me so this Silver will take your place temporarily on Earth."
Silver said, "With my wife, Lilu?"
Daddy said, "No Silver. That won't happen. However, you do have a few appearances throughout the galaxy I have scheduled for you and this Arti-Silver or Artificial Silver will take your place in those public relations get togethers throughout the Galaxy."

Silver said, "I wasn't aware of any other Galactic Get togethers."
Daddy said, "There are sentient constructs who worship you and believe you to be one of them. That is one of the variants of the Silver religion now throughout the galaxy. I'm simply giving them what they want."

Silver said, "But I'm a human from earth in reality."
Daddy: "Yes. But if you went as a human they would tear you apart because they don't like humans from anywhere where this Arti-Silver is going to. He knows what to say to them to pacify them. And if he is damaged we can repair him easier than we can repair you at earth age 80."
Silver: "Granted. What you say is true. Besides, I wouldn't want to go somewhere they don't like humans and might tear me apart."

Silver: "May I meet Arti-Silver?"
Daddy: "Of Course. Arti-Silver?"
Arti-Silver: "Yes. Your Majesty"
Daddy: "Come meet the real Silver."
Arti-Silver: " Nice to meet you Silver." Arti-Silver extended his hand in greeting.
Silver: "Nice to meet you Arti-Silver. What do you know about me?"
Arti-Silver:"I know everything about you down to your genetic code."
Silver laughed, "I don't even know my own genetic code."
Arti-Silver: "Then maybe I know fact wise more about you than you actually do. However, I cannot match you in instinct or intuition."
Silver: "Well. I'm not the highest on the charts with that for a human myself. I excell in being very inquisitive and experimental in my thinking."
Arti-Silver: "Well. I'll protect your identity."

Silver: Then I thank Daddy and you for helping those that believe in my and thank you for physically protecting me in this way."
Arti-Silver: "It's my pleasure." And he meant it.

note: I was at Versailles in October 2009. So the duplicate of this room:
is what I'm talking about that 'Daddy' , Arcane, Silver, Jonathan and Arti-Silver are walking around in now. By the way I first experienced this palace in the center of the galaxy in 1969 and 1970 even though I had never been there or even seen any pictures that I can remember at that time. However, when I was at Versailles I remembered either visiting or living there in another lifetime. It was a very odd experience to relive that experience in my present lifetime. For more photos of Versailles just go to Google and click on Google Images after typing in "Versailles". That's where I found this photo. end note.

Jonathan in his soul traveling form said, "Daddy. What am I doing here? Why am I witnessing all this?"
Daddy said, "You need to understand you have moved forward into your next role on earth as
Secret "Heaven Buddha".
Jonathan said, "Why secret?"
Daddy: "Sometimes, spiritual roles for life waves are more public and sometimes they are more secret. You know, the way some times people have secret loves or lovers or very special awarenesses that are very private?"
Jonathan: "So this new role for me is something that is naturally occurring that I should be more aware of?"
Daddy: "Yes. It is a natural progression toward you becoming Meridian in actuality."
Jonathan: "And Meridian is also Eridian?"
Daddy: " Yes."
Jonathan: "So contemplating a thing tends to make it real?"
Daddy: "You know the answer to that, Jonathan."
Jonathan: "Did my root soul, the Creator of the Galaxy teach you this as a young Creator?"
Daddy: "Even though that is true it is not polite to speak of this to an adult Creator who has run the Galaxy for millions of years now in your absence Grandfather."
Jonathan: "Forgive me your Holiness."
Daddy: "It's okay you are very dear to me, Grandfather."


Jonathan asked Daddy: "Is this place that reminds me of Versailles real?"
Daddy: "I created it with my mind. You see that I am an electrical being and all matter obeys my mind. Some might call that God like, and it is true that I can control the thoughts and even actions of any living being in the Galaxy if I want to. However, my species of Creators of which there are now millions to billions in this Galaxy alone would never stand for that and would stop me very soon(within thousands of years of human time) which is like seconds to a Creator. However, we can also expand or compress time or even redo or rewrite time like the Artists and Artisans and Musicians of the Spheres that we Creators are not only in this Galaxy but in Every Galaxy. So when you ask me is Versailles real I have to ask you: 'What's Real?' Are the galaxies real or are they simply created for the feeding and amusement of our Creator Species that creates Galaxies as a by product of the necessity to feed on matter energy and antimatter energy and it flows between the two states. I would say that what you call real is like a sculpture, and artwork, a living painting to us as Creators.  Most of us have lived long enough to realize now that nothing is ultimately real, and that in a sense all is illusion. So in the end it is about: 'What do you want to create? And can you live with the natural consequences of what you create?' In the end we are all Gods, so we must learn to be responsible gods and creators and do honor to the ultimate Creator or Creators of all of us everywhere."

This stunned all in the group. Only Arcane had real understanding and real experience with the realities every day of these kinds of experiences.

Silver spoke first, after all he was the experimental inventor always: "Daddy. I know I'm smart like you and that you created me. But what Am I to you?"
Daddy:"You are a human copy of me set into the human fabric of time and space on Earth in the United States starting with your birth in the year 2000 AD in New York City, USA."
Silver: "Why would that be important to you?"
Daddy:"I can't stand to see beings suffer, even created sentient beings. Maybe I'm the ultimate humanist in the Universe. Some might call me a Galactic Buddha. I don't know. It is what it is after all. I am what I am. Please forgive me for any suffering my creation of you brought you. Every thing I did was with the  best intentions for you and all beings everywhere."
Silver: "Yes  Daddy. I see that all very clearly now. You are just as sincere as every one of us here. I'm just trying to make sense of what I am. Many people talk about souls but I'm really less interested in that than most. I'm interested in what I am at core. What is my nature? Am I really immortal? How long is immortality? When does it all end? Is there really a beginning or an end to anything?"

Daddy: "In the end we are each soul cause to our own experience. We all appear out of nowhere as many times as we wish to and then one day we simply disappear like we have never been. But in a million years or one second we might decide to come back as the same being or another. What we all are is very quixotic in the end. I could write a million page thesis on the subject in any of the millions and more languages of this galaxy and still not do this subject justice.

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