Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day After Roswell

The Day after Roswell is a book written by Colonel Phillip Corso of Army Intelligence attached to the  President Eisenhower's National Security Council in Washington DC. He had a pact with his commanding general that one of them would write this book before they died. When asked if the CIA or other U.S. intelligence agency would deny what he had written, he said, "They wouldn't dare!"

This book written by then retired Colonel Corso of the U.S. Army Intelligence and former member of the National Security Council with a forward in the book by Senator Strom Thurmond is likely still the most definitive and useful book on this subject with an impeccable yet thorough visit to this subject written by the man who was put in charge of reverse engineering Roswell alien technology. This book illustrates how Corso almost single handedly would give this technology in small pieces to large U.S. Corporations and Learning institutions for them to reverse engineer it. He told them this technology came from behind the Iron Curtain as a cover. In fact the computers you are now reading this on(the basic chip structures) were reverse engineered from Roswell.

The most definitive book I read previous to this one was "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good. It was originally published in London and then banned in the U.S. However, over the years it became a cult book for those who study actual(not fictional) ufos and ufo experiences and sightings worldwide. The more that is learned it appears that there was NO original date when people had experiences with UFOS which might mean that todays religions (as in Moses with the burning bush) might have been a "Cargo Cult" kind of experience with a UFO in actuality. Also, that all ufos are from other planets is quite dubious for those who have studied enough. The actual fact likely is that most ufos on earth are from earth from our future mankind. Since they are our descendants mostly, why would they want to harm time? They can't exist without their ancestors. Many now believe that this is why no real harm to mankind other than research (medical and technical) is done to humans or animals or plants by these beings.

Since I am an intuitive and have researched my whole life not only UFOS but have also studied Anthropology, Psychology, Computer Science, Creative Writing and have studied with Native American Medicine men, East Indian Swamis, Tibetan Lamas and Christian Mystics my whole life, I can bring a lot of research from multiple disciplines into focus in a way most other couldn't. So my value to you is as an experiential synthesist.

So, what I write tends to be Historical Legend or Historical fiction of the past, present and future. In other words I try to give my readers the benefit of a lifetime of study in various disciplines that the future of mankind might be better for all beings who live here now and in the future. I do this as a public service as I'm semi retired. This gives me as the "Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and monks say, "The Leisure to Practice". I have found this is probably the most powerful thing one can do(if they have good and kind and proper motivation) to help all life in the universe attain permanent bliss and end all suffering. I cannot even properly convey to you just how wonderful and powerful and helpful to all beings this path is for all beings in the universe  including oneself.

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