Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Israel and the U.S. Distance Themselves

The only reason that makes any sense to me about this new distance between Israel and the U.S. is that Israel has decided to hit Iran at some point and the U.S. cannot afford to directly support this. If the U.S. cannot stop Iran for any reason with sanctions then this distance between Israel and the U.S. implicitly allows Israel to hit Iran with everything it has to "knock it down to size".  I think we are looking "within 5 years" towards another "6 days war" kind of situation brewing. However, it's hard to say how all this would all settle out in actuality. The world is a totally different kind of place now than when the "6 days war" happened before. And Iran is a much different enemy than Egypt and Syria were then for Israel. So we will have to see how all this goes in reality.

However, if it happens expect to see very few Israeli's in Iran. The war likely would be fought with drones in the air, missiles and more drone tank like vehicles on the ground. I doubt any Israeli's would be on the ground in Iran. Obviously, we are dealing with unknown quantities on all sides. I'm just saying that both Israel and the U.S. know that one way or the other Iran must be stopped and Israels solution cannot be condoned by this administration and wasn't by the Bush administration either. However, both countries know that Iran's nuclear military capabilities must be stopped eventually for any country in the middle east to feel safe.

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