Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LA earthquake precursor to the big one?

Was LA earthquake a precursor to the 'Big One'?‎          click previous button to read news article.

Since I am in Northern California fairly close to San Francisco Bay area I didn't feel this one as it happened. However, I have been feeling this sense of foreboding the last three months for earthquakes and so far I have watched my feelings happen all over the world in actuality. Today I went to where a local river meets the ocean which is a power point and had an oceanic experience with God and nature. What I got from the place was that "The world as we know it is changing." I didn't get that it was ending just that it is changing from the world that we have known.  Many people including friends and people in my family have been freaking out a lot lately. I just chalk it up to what happens to intuitives when earthquakes keep coming. It sort of feels like you keep falling through space and that you are never going to hit the ground. It is a very unsettling feeling and people not used to reading their emotions like intuitives do tend to get hysterical and flustered. If you are an intuitive it sort of makes you a little scared and you tend to pray a lot trying to stay centered. This appears to be a world wide event for everyone. Everything is changing and most people are scared. But like Obama Said today, "We Need Courage!" This about sums it up because without courage how can anyone face what is coming?

I looked up into the flights of birds where the river met the sea at all the sea birds to see what their flight patterns would tell me. They were very disturbed in their flights too. They are even more sensitive than intuitives. They are scared too. They just can't talk to us in human languages but those of us that can read them understand.

So what happened at 4:04 Pacific Daylight Time is that millions of people from Los Angeles to San Diego woke up scared shitless this morning when they were slammed with a 4.4 jolt that woke everyone up.

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