Friday, March 12, 2010

Compiling 2035 up to date at

I compiled all the pieces of "2035" here at
so it would be easier to read all the parts I have already written since December 2009. I write only as I am inspired like tonight when my almost 14 year old daughter wanted to watch "Iron Man" on Dvd on our Flatscreen TV in the living room. I was on my exercycle watching the movie whilie the family was watching on the main living room couch and got some ideas that I began to type into my intuitivefred888 site. I've gotten used to composing there since I write at least one article almost every day when I'm not traveling.

If you have read parts of 2035 and want to read more of it I have assembled all the pieces I could find. However, it hasn't really been edited properly so just be aware this is more of a first effort. At this point I'm not trying to publish what I write on paper in book form or anything like that. I write mostly to enlighten people and to get them to think more deeply about life and what decisions they want to make to create a better future for all life in the universe.

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